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Delivery driver companies are the best places to work for if you love driving and want flexibility in your next job. With so many app services popping up, it’s easier than ever to help deliver food, groceries, clothing and more — straight to a customer’s door.

The great news is, there are plenty of delivery driving opportunities around! Check out the list below to get started and become the world’s best delivery driver:

1. Zesty

Specializing in providing larger companies with customized meal programs, Zesty is all about health. They strive to empower companies to eat cleaner foods that’ll fuel their productivity. 

They also collaborate with local restaurants to curate delicious office meals, optimized for different health needs and taste preferences.

2. Caviar

Caviar provides customers with a quick and reliable delivery (or pickup) service from cities across America. With their free mobile app, customers have easy access to the best local restaurants around. 

They offer immediate or schedule ahead options to their customers, providing plenty of flexibility for their delivery drivers.

3. Ohmygreen

Ohmygreen is on a mission to empower people to live healthy lives! They offer delicious and nutritious drinks and snacks to office spaces, where a majority of people spend their days. 

As a startup company, they are quickly growing and on the lookout to expand their brand and team.

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a delivery service that provides food delivery services to many well-known restaurants! They have locations across America, making it a great option for anyone looking for the ability to move around within their job. 

With the flexibility to create your own schedule and a great compensation plan, this is a compelling delivery company to work for.

5. Laundry Locker

Laundry Locker is easily one of the most advanced dry cleaners in San Francisco. They have a network of over 300 locker locations, allowing customers to get their dry cleaning done 24/7. 

They’re constantly growing their team, looking to add candidates who are hard-working, detail-oriented, and highly motivated.

6. GrubHub

As one of the most popular delivery services, GrubHub has quickly become one of the top delivery driving companies to work for in the Bay Area

Dedicated to connecting hungry diners with local takeout restaurants, GrubHub has an expansive online and mobile ordering platform. Diners can order directly from more than 44,000 takeout restaurants in over 1,000 U.S. cities and London!

7. Beautylish

Beautylish allows customers to skip the line at the beauty counter and get exceptional beauty products delivered right to their door. They believe in finding the gems of the world’s beauty products, stores, and stories — and have quickly grown popular since its founding in 2010. 

They are currently hiring for their San Francisco location, so now is a great time to check out this thriving company.

8. Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce is a mission-driven startup that created America’s first major consumer brand around “ugly” produce. They find homes for misshapen fruits and veggies at a discounted rate. 

Their produce is affordable and environmentally-responsible, delivered weekly around the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Portland. A win-win!

9. Brewpublik

If you constantly have beverages in your hand, you’ll love the mission of Brewpublik. Their goal is to keep fridges stocked with all the beer, wine, cold brew coffee, and kombucha a company can drink. They are currently hiring delivery drivers in San Carlos, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

10. BookTree

BookTree is a unique company on a mission to make reading time easier for parents. Each month, they deliver personalized tote bags full of extraordinary, high-quality children’s books to participating Bay Area schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods. 

This is the ideal opportunity for those passionate about supporting family time and literacy.

11. Nox Cookie Bar

This late-night cookie delivery service was created to fill the need for those who crave midnight snacks. If you’re a night owl, earn cash while delivering delicious treats to people on a tight deadline, stuck in the office with boring vending machine options.

Fun fact: the name of the company, Nox, comes from the Latin word for "night since it was originally a late night delivery service only. However, they have since expanded to offer their cookie delivery service to hungry customers at all hours of the day.

12. Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

You’ve probably heard of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches before, as they’re pretty well-known in the sandwich world. But did you know that they now offer a delivery service? So you could spend your days helping people get their sandwich fix — anytime, anywhere!

13. MSI Green Inc.

MSI Green Inc. has been supplying produce and staple products to fine-dining establishments in the Chicago area for over 30 years! 

Their dedication to quality, hand-picked produce and family history of working in the restaurant industry has made them one of the best food delivery services around. Keep an eye out for delivery driver job openings here if you’re looking to learn from the best.

14. Panera Bread

If you’re looking for a company who focuses on quality, clean ingredients and aims to make the lives of its customers easier, Panera Bread is a great place to consider. 

For example, their online Rapid Pick-Up option has given customers the ease of coming in and quickly grabbing food without having to wait in line. They hire delivery drivers frequently, so keep an eye out for their next opening!

15. Amazon

If you’re a big fan of Amazon, consider working as one of their delivery drivers! They are currently hiring in drivers in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This is a great option for those who thrive in a fast-paced environment and are skilled in personal accountability and time management.

16. Foxtrot Market

If you live in the Chicago area, Foxtrot Market is the place to be! They are an online delivery market that has curated an extensive menu of craft beer, wine, spirits, fresh foods, and home essentials. 

If you’re on the hunt to get hired as a delivery driver in Chicago, be prepared to hit the ground running with Foxtrot Market. They deliver all orders from their Chicago stores in under an hour!

17. DoorDash

DoorDash has the same love for local businesses that we do! They empower local restaurants to deliver to their customers, helping them grow and bring in more customers. They also generate new ways for people to earn, work, and live. So if you’re on the hunt for a great job, DoorDash should be at the top of your list.

18. InstaCart

If you look forward to your grocery shopping trips, turn that into a career! Work as an Instacart shopper and deliver groceries to people’s homes all week long. They also work from an app, making it easier to get jobs — and get paid — quickly.

19. Favor Delivery

Looking for unique delivery driver jobs in Austin? Function more like a personal assistant and less like a delivery driver with Favor Delivery. They aim to deliver anything their customers need, from groceries to dry cleaning. 

There are countless perks to working for Favor Delivery, like keeping 100% of your tips, minimum guaranteed earnings, and flexible scheduling.

20. Saucey

If you’re over 21 years old and want to deliver quality alcohol in 30 minutes or less, check out Saucey. Their fast-paced and innovative teams pride themselves on putting ideas first, letting the best ones win. They’re currently operating in cities throughout California and Chicago.

21. Deliv

Deliv offers same-day delivery to all of its customers – from individuals to small businesses. Most Deliv drivers pick up and deliver items like clothing, flowers, or alcohol from local malls and retailers. They even have a separate delivery program, Deliv RX, that handles pharmaceutical deliveries.

22. Lyft

Who says delivery jobs always entail food or goods? Help deliver people to their destinations by working for Lyft, the popular on-demand transportation company. If you’re a social butterfly, this allows you to interact with people on the job as you shuttle them to their next destination.

23. Sysco

Sysco is a leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food products to a variety of businesses and companies that prepare meals away from home. With locations all across America and an entire department dedicated to transportation and delivery, this is a great company to work for. They aim to help their employees grow, both personally and professionally and are always looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join their teams.

24. Shipt

If you’re excited about the idea of grocery shopping on the daily to make extra money, then Shipt is the way to go! With Shipt, you can shop for and deliver groceries to customers in several cities around the U.S. They’re also one of the fastest growing online grocery marketplaces!

25. Yelp Eat 24

Yelp has built a serious reputation around years of collecting restaurant reviews, so we suspect that Yelp Eat 24 has a leg up on the competition. 

This service allows customers to easily browse top-rated restaurants on their app and have food delivered right to their door! Work full-time as a delivery driver near Seattle and help make people’s food dreams a reality.

26. Thistle

Deciding between dining in or eating out? Cue Thistle, a third option that sits perfectly between the two. They deliver healthy, prepared meals straight to your door. Each meal is gluten-free, dairy-free, and packed with high-quality ingredients. If you live in San Francisco, they are currently hiring drivers to join their team!

27. Postmates

As a driver for Postmates, the contents of your deliveries will be different every day. You might deliver a restaurant meal, a grocery order, or a liquor store order — it all depends on the needs of your customer!

If you’re looking for a fast paced environment, Postmates is the place to be. They make all deliveries in under an hour! They operate in dozens of cities all over the United States, from Manhattan to Salt Lake City to San Francisco.

28. Eaze

If you live in California, snag one of the coolest cannabis jobs in the Bay Area and work as a delivery driver for Eaze. This company works with dispensaries in the Bay Area and helps deliver their products around town. one of the dispensaries that Eaze works with.

Their app helps coordinate between customers who place an order and the drivers who need to deliver those orders. Tips and mileage reimbursement is included for drivers as well!

29. EatStreet

EatStreet takes a different approach to food delivery. Their app acts as a centralized marketplace, connecting local customers to local restaurants. As a quickly growing and highly successful company, they seek to simplify the food delivery process by providing customers with the food they crave, whenever they want it most.

30. FedEx Ground

If you’ve ever been anticipating the arrival of a package in the mail, then you know how important the job of a FedEx driver is. Consider joining this team-oriented and customer-focused team if you are a reliable, consistent, and responsible driver. You can also expect professional training on the job!

31. Strategic Delivery Solutions

Interested in healthcare? Join the team at SDS Rx provide delivery services to the healthcare market. Their delivery network is unique to each customer, full of flexibility and best practices to ensure efficient deliveries to each healthcare organization. 

They focus on the needs of Long Term Care Pharmacies, Home Infusion Pharmacies, and Pharmaceutical Wholesalers.

32. UPS

Ready to ditch your cubicle and consider transportation jobs for a life on the move? If this is you, UPS is a solid option to consider. A long-standing and well-established company, you can expect professional training and support when you need it. They’re always looking to hire talented and reliable drivers who can make their deliveries on time.

33. goPuff

Started by two 20-year-old college sophomores, goPuff is the solution to the late-night snack cravings of people everywhere. As an on-demand convenience store delivery service open 24/7, be prepared to work unique hours. This opportunity is ideally suited for the go-getters and dream-chasers ready to kick start their careers.

34. Amazon Flex

Be your own boss and set your own schedule with yet another Amazon delivery service, Amazon Flex. This is a simplified Amazon delivery service, allowing customers to receive packages within an hour of ordering. By simply logging into the app, you choose when you work — and can earn $18-25 an hour doing it!

35. Flirtey

Not all driving jobs are alike. Flirtey, the world's leading drone delivery service, provides real-time delivery by flying robots! They are on a mission to save lives and improve lifestyles by making deliveries truly instant for everyone. If you are interested in helping transform the delivery services world, apply to work at Flirtey.

36. Seamless

Seamless is an online food ordering service that functions primarily through their mobile app. They are a part of the GrubHub collection of brands and have partnerships with hundreds of local caterers and restaurants. They service tons of cities throughout America, making it easy to join the team!

37. ezCater

ezCater exists to make the corporate world of lunch meetings and client presentations easier. Their online ordering system is easy-to-use and on demand. They work with over 60,000 local caterers and restaurants, so the options are endless. 

If this sounds like the gig for you, be prepared to handle large deliveries — they can accommodate orders for up to 2,000 people!

38. Pizza Hut

Everyone loves pizza. Ordering it from your couch and having it delivered to your door is even better. Creating the perfect opportunity to get hired as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut — these positions are always in high demand. 

This is a great job if you prefer working nights and evenings. You can also look forward to tips on top of your paycheck!

39. Home Depot

If you love home improvement projects, work for Home Depot and help customers make their building projects and DIY dreams come true! They are constantly in need of drivers to deliver their home improvement products to customers’ homes.

40. Prime Now

Take your obsession with Amazon to the next level and work for Prime Now! This service allows Amazon Prime customers to receive deliveries of household essentials, everyday items, and select Amazon products within 1-2 hours of ordering. 

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