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With International Women’s Day here, there’s no better time to celebrate the amazing women in our community. The San Francisco Bay Area is full of women-owned businesses paving the way in their industries, from restaurants to education. Check out our comprehensive list of women-owned businesses and find your next dream job:

Coffee Shops & Cafes

1. Farley’s East

This Oakland-based coffee shop is a staple in its community and everything you’d expect from the East Bay — community-oriented, fast-paced, and sustainable. If you’re looking to get hired as a barista in Oakland, this is a great place to consider. You’ll be serving up amazing coffee in the busy Bay Area cafe and getting to take your breaks in the sunny parklet outside.

2. Hive, the place to bee

This neighborhood cafe is absolutely buzzing! They champion community values and seek to create a family atmosphere with both their employees and customers. High-quality coffee, food, and good vibes are what this cafe is all about. What more could you want?

3. Jittery Johns Cold Brew Coffee

Jittery Johns Cold Brew Coffee is taking the Bay Area by storm. You can find their popular cold brew bottles and kegs throughout the Bay Area and beyond! Their commitment to helping women around the globe is strong, as they purchase all of their coffee from a women-owned cooperative in Columbia.

4. Julie’s

The founder of Julie’s spent 10 years in wholesale selling tea before deciding to serve customers face-to-face. She yearned to create a soothing space for the community to come together and enjoy quality drinks. The results paid off! You will find a warm cafe where locals come to share and learn.

5. Kaleidoscope Coffee

Kaleidoscope Coffee is found in Point Richmond’s artistic community. This inspiring cafe brings the community together over a great cup of coffee, a scoop of ice cream, or a glass of cold beer. Hosting regular events and highlighting local art, Kaleidoscope Coffee is more than a cafe, it’s one of the best cafes to work for near San Francisco.

6. Mamacitas Cafe

This mission-driven business serves up delicious and innovative food. Inspired by Oakland’s diverse cuisine, you’ll find tons of flavor and variety in their menu. They are on a mission to offer fair-wage jobs and their culture of accountability makes Mamacitas Cafe a top place to work. If you are looking for manager jobs in Oakland, they are currently looking for a kitchen manager to join their team.

7. Mandala Tea House

Organic teas, smoothies, elixirs, and coffees are aplenty at Mandala Tea House in Los Gatos. Made with high-quality ingredients, you’ll only serve the best at this cafe. Along with great service and culinary workshops, this tea house undoubtedly strives to provide healthy and delicious treats to their customers.

8. Modern Coffee

On the hunt for the best cafes to work for near Berkeley? Look no further than Modern Coffee, a local Oakland coffee shop. They serve plenty of delicious options for coffee lovers, including Chromatic Coffee, Counter Culture, Stumptown and Verve. Get the best of Bay Area coffee and join the team at this quality cafe.

9. The Chai Cart

Chai lovers unite! The Chai Cart is a specialty cart selling artisan Indian teas. With locations in Downtown San Francisco and products in Whole Foods Markets around the Bay Area, you’ll be working for a well-known brand for chai-lovers all around San Francisco.

10. Zocalo Coffeehouse

Culture and community come together at Zocalo Coffee. Using fair trade coffee beans roasted in-house, this San Leandro establishment does coffee right. They strive to provide the best coffee experience, whether in their coffeehouse or at their events. You can be sure this is one of the best businesses for coffee lovers to work for in the Bay Area!


11. Able2Shine

This thriving organization may be new, but it’s already making a big impact. With soft skill courses in numerous subjects like public speaking, drama, and dance, Able2Shine is the go-to place for learning. Their classes aim to build confidence in their students by teaching the fundamentals of social interaction: communication, friendship, and leadership.

12. BrainVyne Camps

Did you love playing with Lego’s as a kid? Turn that childhood love into a meaningful career at BrainVyne! They provide fun and educational Lego robotics and finance camps for kids, along with other fun events like birthday parties.

13. Bricks 4 Kidz

This after-school program also uses Lego’s to help kids learn through play. This learning environment encourages kids to use their senses, which enables creativity. Get hired as an after school teacher in San Francisco and help kids break out of their comfort zone and learn the basics skills needed for a future in design or programming.

14. Oakland Montessori School

Considering joining the team at the Oakland Montessori School and help young children become creative and successful individuals. They’re committed to the culturally diverse community and welcome children from all different types of backgrounds. 

Praised for their wonderful teachers by parents, you may find one of the best teaching jobs in Oakland at this rewarding school.

15. CAMP 510

If you’re looking for an engaging and hands-on experience at your next job, Camp 510 is the perfect place for you. This camp is tailored to curious and creative kids, providing a space for them to explore their imagination through maker projects, studio arts, and cooking. 

This camp is becoming well known in the East Bay because of inspiring teachers, artists, makers, performers, and chefs that make up their team.

16. Spotlight: Girls

We hope that if you’re reading this, you are a girl advocate who believes that girls are the emotional superheroes who will make the world a better place.

However, if this statement makes you extremely passionate, consider joining the team at Spotlight: Girls. They are a local nonprofit that inspires, educates, and activates girls to take center stage!

17. Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy

If you’re on the hunt for the best preschools to work for in the Bay Area, look no further. With a wide variety of educational options and preschool programs, Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy offers an enhanced preschool experience. It has a creative and fun environment, matched by an award-winning program and friendly staff.

18. Hearts & Minds Pre-K

This home-based preschool program for 3 to 6-year-olds is intimate and engaging. Based in the Ingleside Terrace Neighborhood in San Francisco, their students enjoy a calm and quaint environment within a bustling city. With curriculums to match each child developmentally, Hearts & Minds Pre-K is one of the top preschools to work for in San Francisco.

19. Little Elephant Montessori School

This small and safe school is the perfect place for those looking to work in a family-like atmosphere. With a large and sunny outdoor playground, you’ll spend your days having fun with children of all ages. 

This is the ideal time to consider Little Elephant Montessori School, as they are currently looking for an afternoon assistant preschool teacher to join their team.

20. Maki Swim School

Make a splash at Maki Swim School! As one of the best swim instructor employers in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will provide children with quality and safe swim instruction — and have a blast doing it! They teach classes for all ages, from infants through adults.

21. Swiss Cheese Childcare

Swiss Cheese Childcare is more than just a babysitter booking service. They believe that exceptional in-home childcare should be simple. By integrating communication, compassion, and community into their services, they’ve built strong relationships with both their clients and babysitters.

22. Tilden Preparatory School Marin

If your dream is to educate children at the middle or high school level, Tilden Preparatory School in Marin is a great place to be. They teach smaller groups and one-on-one courses to ensure you’ll build strong relationships with your students. Their faculty is also a vibrant, capable, and caring group of people.

Food & Drink

23. ACT Catering

This full-service catering and event production company does it all. From dinner parties to weddings, events in the Bay Area wouldn’t be the same without this catering company. Work full-time as a caterer in Oakland and join the team at ACT Catering. You’ll have the chance to build relationships with companies all over the Bay Area.

24. Amphora Nueva: Berkeley Olive Oil Works

Featuring the largest and freshest extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars on tap, Amphora Nueva: Berkeley Olive Oil Works defines quality food. Family owned and operated, this shop has been in the olive oil industry for over 90 years! They have developed close partnerships with farmers as well, ensuring only the best olive oil for their customers.

25. Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar

Work part-time as a sommelier in Berkeley and spend the rest of your time as a barista, all under one roof! Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar opened in 2012 and has been impacting their community ever since. They serve excellent coffee, food, and a wide selection of wine. 

Their talented crew is friendly and always happy to serve the regulars that come into their bar.

26. Bay Grape

This community-focused wine shop also sells beer, specialty sodas, and artisanal foods. With a communal table at the shop, they help bring together people over the experience of sharing a meal. They also host wine classes and tastings, so you’ll get to educate the public about quality food!

27. Bellanico Restaurant and Wine Bar

Bellanico Restaurant and Wine Bar is passionate about food, service, and wine. The Italian cuisine changes seasonally so you’ll get to experience new and different menus. 

With homemade pasta, bread and salumi, this restaurant brings nothing but the best of Italy to the Bay Area. If you’re looking for food service jobs in Oakland, this restaurant will teach nothing short of quality service.

28. Cupcakin' Bake Shop

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? Join the staff at Cupcakin’ Bake Shop and serve artisan cupcakes to customers with a smile. Looking to get hired as a baker in Berkeley? You could be one step closer to your dream job.

They are currently looking to add a Bakery Team Leader to their team. An added bonus — you’ll be surrounded by cupcakes baked fresh every day using premium and local ingredients.

29. Curry Up Now

This premier Indian street food establishment has won many hearts over in the Bay Area. With five food trucks and four brick and mortar locations, working for Curry Up Now is a great way to learn if you have what it takes to succeed in the food industry. They have a cheerful and hardworking staff and offer paid training to all new hires.

30. Delicious! Catering

This catering company is based in San Rafael but has been serving the entire Bay Area since 1975. As Marin County’s first and only Certified Green Caterer, it’s clear that they truly care about their employees, customers, and their quality of life. 

Plus, enjoy the many benefits that come with one of the best types of restaurant jobs in the industry, with a flexible schedule and ever-changing work environment.

31. Denica's Real Food Kitchen

Denica’s Real Food Kitchen is owned by a husband and wife team. Their passion for food, friends, and family comes together at this kitchen which serves homemade cookies and savory food options. With a welcoming atmosphere, customers leave feeling nourished and satisfied.

32. Homeroom Mac + Cheese

Enjoy incredible mac and cheese at this scrumptious kitchen! Their team of hard-working and passionate people sets them apart from the average restaurant. They seek to train individuals to learn what it takes to run a business, so you’ll learn and grow from the expertise of Homeroom Mac + Cheese.

33. INNA jam

Are you all about fresh, organic, and locally sourced products? Turn that passion into a job at INNA Jam. Selling fresh seasonal jams, shrubs, pickles, salts, and snacks sourced locally, you can be sure that their products are organic and delicious. Join the team at INNA Jam and enjoy using some of the best produce from local organic farmers.

34. Kasa Indian Eatery

Founded in 2008 as a passion project to get San Francisco hooked on Indian flavors, Kasa Indian Eatery has been delighting the Bay Area ever since. With two brick and mortar locations in San Francisco, they’ve been serving up Indian fast-casual dining to excited customers. Led by British-born chef and lawyer Anamika Khanna, it’s clear that this team is in good hands.

35. Left Coast Catering

On the hunt for sustainable East Bay eateries you must visit? Try joining the team at Left Coast Catering, where sustainability is king. They strive to source only local ingredients and pay close attention to the products they use. They are an ethical company committed to quality and consistency.

36. Liba

Live your best vegetable life at Liba! This unique salad and falafel bar in Uptown Oakland has over 20 salads, sauces, and pickles to choose from. This is the perfect workplace for vegetarians, vegans, or avid vegetable lovers!

37. Little Window

Little Window was started by Jessica Nguyen as a way to share her mom’s home cooking with the world. What started as a pop-up has now grown into a brick and mortar location tucked inside Icehouse Alley in San Francisco. Their flavors are delicious, originating from recipes that took decades to create.

38. Local Greens

This innovative, natural, and urban farm produces pure and tasty foods of the highest quality. They grow microgreens for over 40 Bay Area grocery and online stores in an indoor setting. Local Greens is more than an indoor farm — it’s a food revolution!

Interested in learning more about what they do? Sometimes learning by doing is the best way, so consider becoming an intern at Local Greens and jump right into urban farming.

39. Lovesticks Inc.

Lovesticks Inc. is an organic, handmade breadsticks company located in the beautiful Marin County. You can expect nothing short of quality from them, as they have been making breadsticks for 25 years. They are also a vegan company!

40. Minimo

Minimo is a retail wine and cider shop in Oakland. They specialize in small production, high quality, natural wines. With an emphasis on wines from California and Europe, you’ll be serving up tastings of some of the world’s best vino at this shop!

41. Mockingbird

Mockingbird is a family-owned and operated establishment that started off as a dream to create a neighborhood gathering place. With seasonal cuisine and a warm atmosphere, Mockingbird is the ideal place for food lovers. 

Their friendly and generous service is especially notable, so consider joining their team is customer service is your top priority.

42. Niles Pie Company

This worker-owned cooperative bakery in Union City knows how to make an incredible pie. With local and seasonal ingredients, Niles Pie Company sells its pies in various locations including retail, wholesale, and even at farmers’ markets. Their attention to detail shines through, setting them apart as a top pick for pies.

43. Project Juice

Calling all cold-pressed juice fanatics! Founded in San Francisco, Project Juice has locations in both Northern and Southern California. With an extensive menu of plant-based foods and drinks, this company helps customers live healthier lives while enjoying delicious, organic fruits and vegetables.

44. Sidestreet Pho

This pho shop started off on the curbside as a vendor in Vietnam. The owner’s mother opened one of the earliest Vietnamese restaurants in America and has continued that tradition through her child. You can expect delicious, authentic Vietnamese flavor in each dish served in a modern setting.

45. Smitten Ice Cream

Land the perfect summer job and become an ice cream scooper! Smitten Ice Cream is one of the best places in the Bay Area to work for. Decadent ice cream is made from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients in multiple locations throughout the Bay Area. Their team proudly calls themselves, “makers through and through,” so apply if you’re a passionate inventor and ice cream connoisseur.

46. Square Organics

Square Organics is dedicated to nutrient-dense and plant-based foods. They create organic protein bars which are sold across the nation at Whole Foods, Walmart, and CVS. This delicious protein bar has been keeping people nourished and healthy since 2012.

47. Taiwan Bento

Taiwanese street food is the star at this Uptown Oakland food establishment. Serving up classics like pork belly, beef noodle soup, and fried popcorn chicken, no one walks away hungry at Taiwan Bento. This diverse, vibrant, and homestyle restaurant is a fun place to hang out — and an even better place to work.

48. Tara's Organic Ice Cream

A unique ice cream experience is waiting for you at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream. Hand-crafted in small batches, ice cream here is made with only the best organic ingredients. 

They also use fresh herbs and fresh ground spices to create irresistible flavors. Get hired as an ice cream scooper here and you’ll also get to work with local farms that provide dairy products and seasonal fruits.

49. The Red Door

This catering company brings together fun-loving foodies for delicious meals and fellowship. It’s clear that hard work is at the center of what they do, aiming to make the client’s vision look as effortless as possible. If you’re looking for an opportunity to travel around the Bay Area, The Red Door is the perfect workplace for you.

50. The Whole Pie

This small, specialty bakery serves up both sweet and savory pies that are freshly baked daily. Operating with the motto, “one crust for dinner, another for dessert,” how can you go wrong working here?

51. Yuzuki Japanese Eatery

Authentic Japanese food makes Yuzuki Japanese Eatery stand apart from the rest. They’ve even been listed in the Michelin Guide for 6 years! They care about small details and ensuring quality in all of their food that is made from scratch in their kitchen.

52. La Note Restaurant

Gain work experience in the food industry and find a hostess job in the Bay Area. La Note Restaurant should be at the top of your application list! This authentic French restaurant in downtown Berkeley turns traditional breakfast and lunch into a feast. Help serve rustic provincial dinners in a warm and joyful atmosphere.

53. Urban Remedy

If you agree that food is healing, join the staff at Urban Remedy. Combining ancient medicinal principles with modern food, they are a plant-based organic food company that serves organic, non-GMO snacks, cold pressed juices, and meals. With several locations in the Bay Area, you’ll be gaining experience in a well-known health brand.

Health & Fitness

54. Autism Collaborative Therapies

ACT aims to help every child and family reach their fullest potential. If you are a compassionate and caring individual, consider joining this team and help bring ABA services to people in home and community settings. 

You’ll make a big impact in the lives of those with autism, helping to increase their daily living skills, social skills, and experience a variety of new and different learning opportunities.

55. International Orange

Help rejuvenate and reconnect people at International Orange. Holistic wellness is at the center of what they do as an urban spa destination. They are a simple, yet thoughtful sanctuary for all customers to come and experience healing or personal transformation.

56. Fitness in Transit

Do you love children and fitness? Fitness in Transit is all about developing children physically, emotionally, and social through performance and play. 

Take this unique opportunity to get hired as a fitness instructor in the Bay Area and encourage the next generation to get excited about fitness. Plus, you’ll get to spend your days engaged in fun activities like gymnastics, dance, yoga, martial arts, circus, theater arts, and rock climbing.

57. Namaste Yoga & Wellness

Discover the perks of working in a yoga studio at Namaste Yoga & Wellness. This community-focused studio is passionate about helping people live healthy, sustainable, and sacred lives. If you’ve been looking for the top yoga studios to work for in the Bay Area, apply to their open position today!

58. On Call! Hospitality Staffing, LLC

Help bring the party to the people with On Call! Hospitality Staffing, LLC. They provide the very best of bartenders, servers, cooks, and event managers to catering companies and private parties throughout the Bay Area. This is an ideal gig for someone who prefers a constantly changing work environment.

59. RiDE Oakland

If you love cycling and want to motivate people to reach their fitness goals, RiDE Oakland is a great place to be. They are currently hiring a smoothie barista and studio assistant, so now is the perfect time to join their team! We think this is one of the best fitness jobs for all you fitness fanatics out there, so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.

60. Tiny Needles

The experienced and passionate team at Tiny Needles hopes to bring balance back into the world of their patients through acupuncture. They also offer services like herbal medicine, bodywork, energy work, coaching, and counseling. 

This team is on a mission to bring holistic and integrative care to the Bay Area in an accessible and affordable way.

61. Lake Merritt Dental

Though taking a trip to the dentist may not be your favorite activity, you should get excited about the work being done at Lake Merritt Dental. They hope to give back to their community and lead the industry in sustainable and environmentally conscious dentistry — on top of their incredible patient care.


62. Oakland Literacy Coalition

Join the efforts to create a world where every child in Oakland learns and loves to read with the Oakland Literacy Coalition. This team understands and values their network of partners, learning, collaborating, and championing literacy together in order to make a greater impact. 

If this isn’t one of the jobs that will inspire your nonprofit job search, we’re not sure what will.

63. MISSSEY, Inc.

MISSSEY, Inc. is doing incredible work for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. They are a survivor-centered organization that supports young people who have been sexually exploited through direct services including intensive case management, one-on-one mentoring, and a daily drop-in center. 

Consider joining this team if you want to work hard for systematic change and contribute to the growing movement to end commercial sexual exploitation.

64. Partnerships for Trauma Recovery

Want to learn how to break into the nonprofit space with no experience? One of the first steps is to understand the structure of nonprofits and what they need. Partnerships for Trauma Recovery is an incredible place where you can learn from the best. 

They are dedicated to healing the psychosocial impacts of trauma among international survivors of human rights abuses and forced displacement. They are currently looking to add a Clinical Coordinator to their team, so if you have some experience in a mental health or healthcare clinic setting, this is the opportunity for you!

65. Peninsula Volunteers, Inc

Are you passionate about bringing joy and excitement to the lives of the elderly in your community? Consider joining the team at Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., whose mission is to help aging adults maintain their dignity, independence, and sense of usefulness. They accomplish this through housing, nutritious meals, arts, and caregiving services.

66. Project Equity

Bring your sense of the business world into the nonprofit space through Project Equity. They hope to shift community economic development by taking control locally in order to build economic resiliency in low-income communities. They are currently running three different programs to accomplish this mission!

67. Resource Development Associates

On the hunt for the top nonprofits to work for in the Bay Area? This mission-driven consulting firm is committed to finding social and economic justice for vulnerable populations. They are currently looking to add a research associate and business development writer to their team, so if this sounds like the place for you, apply now!

68. UniversalGiving

Looking for nonprofits to work for in San Francisco? Check out UniversalGiving, an award-winning website that helps people give and volunteer with the top-performing projects all over the world. This is the perfect place to work if you love efficiency and want to combine that with effective giving.

Pet Care

69. Canine Comprehensive

Among the best dog walking employers in the San Francisco Bay Area is Canine Comprehensive. They offer a variety of pet services in the Oakland area, including dog training, pack walks, and pet sitting. 

If you are interested in joining this team, we recommend becoming certified in pet first aid and CPR through the Red Cross to get ahead of the game and impress the team.

70. Citizen Canine

Citizen Canine is an upscale dog hotel that offers daycare services and overnight boarding. Their doggie clients enjoy deluxe private suites and playgroups in a spacious outdoor yard. If you love dogs and are dedicated to providing quality care to like-minded individuals’ pets, consider applying to their open dog care handler position in Oakland.

71. Doggy Lama Pet Care

Let Doggy Lama Pet Care show you why dog walking is the best day job on the market! As an award-winning dog walking and pet sitting facility, they provide quality care to the cats and dogs in Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville. 

They have a close-knit team with experienced individuals who are licensed, insured, bonded and have all the permits necessary for walking dogs in the East Bay.

72. Dog Tired Adventures

If you want to combine your love for dogs, adventure, and giving back to your community — check out Dog Tired Adventures. As a socially responsible dog walking and hiking company in the Bay Area, they donate to nonprofits who believe in making the world a better place. 

With this company, you will see that a day in the life of a dog walker here is focused on improving the lives of dogs, their owners, fellow employees, and peers.

73. Holistic Hound

Holistic Hound was inspired by the owner’s husky, Pearl, who passed away in May 2016. They combine their passion for animals and holistic health by providing ongoing support through consultations, on-site classes, referrals to holistic practitioners, and products and services. 

If you’re searching for the best holistic pet food and supplies in the Bay Area, check out Holistic Hound!

74. Paco Collars

Paco Collars has been creating high quality, handcrafted leather pet collars, leashes, and other accessories since 2002. With a small team of creative individuals, customers are welcomed into the shop and assisted in finding the best collar and leash for their pet. 

They also have products for pet owners as well, including belts, bracelets, key chains, tote bags, and hoodies.

75. Noe Valley Pet Company

Wondering what you should do to become a dog walker? One of the best ways to prepare is to gain experience related to pet care. Noe Valley Pet Company, a well established “mom and mom” pet store founded by Paula Harris and Celia Sack, is a great place to do this. 

You can expect to find friendly regular customers, welcoming staff, and plenty of dog kisses!

76. City Hikes Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, LLC

Do you think you have what it takes to become a dog walker in San Francisco? City Hikes Dog Walking & Pet Sitting will teach you everything you need to know. They provide a wide variety of services, including single family walks, proper leash training, on leash walking through neighborhoods, mini health checks, and brief check-ins with pet owners after walks are concluded.

They also teach pets basic commands like sit, down, off, stay, come, drop it, leave it, no bite, and crate training. This is the ideal place to work if you want to become a pet care expert in no time!


77. Berkeley Hat Company

This company has been selling a wide variety of hats for both men and women in Berkeley for over 30 years! Keep an eye out for their job openings if you want to learn from the best and experience one of the coolest retail jobs in the East Bay. You’ll also spend your days in their brick and mortar location on the iconic Telegraph Avenue.

78. Alaya Boutique

If you love women’s fashion, turn it into a career and join the team at ALAYA Boutique in San Francisco. Fueled by the belief that every woman deserves to look and feel great, their friendly and professional team helps make this a reality for all of their customers. 

You can also expect to be surrounded by a positive-thinking, well-dressed, team-oriented group of staff members!

79. Maple Street Denim

Hoping to find one of those retail jobs that will jumpstart your career? Julie Harleman, the founder of Maple Street Denim, brings over 12 years of experience in the denim industry to her team. They offer a personalized experience to every customer they encounter, helping them find the best fitting jeans in a very body positive environment. 

They even offer complimentary hemming to their customers — a rarity in the retail industry!

80. Margaret Elizabeth

If you love jewelry and want to get hired as a retail associate in San Francisco, Margaret Elizabeth is the perfect place! A company that started out of a dorm room in Boston has grown into a thriving business in the beautiful Marina District. 

Selling online, in their boutiques, and in over 100 stores around the world, you will get the full experience of selling fine jewelry at this local boutique.

81. Margaret O'Leary

Margaret O’Leary is the ideal work environment for all of the sophisticated, high-end fashion lovers in the Bay Area. Each piece created by Margaret and her design team is created with the care and consideration it took to start this family-owned business. You may even see her pieces on celebrities like Kate Hudson and Halle Berry!

82. Oaklandish

Originally founded as a public art project to illuminate Oakland’s local history and cultural legacy, the Oaklandish clothing brand helps fund their ongoing public events. They are on a mission to create quality inner-city jobs for locals and spread the “local love.” 

If you’re an Oakland native, love your community, and have quality retail experience, keep an eye out for potential retail manager jobs in Oakland at this community-centered store.

83. People I've Loved

Have you ever wondered how retail sales associates spend their day? Get an inside look at the day-to-day in an inspiring, local retail store like People I’ve Loved. Specializing in hand-printed and assembled objects, this small printmaking workshop relies on its team to be flexible and collaborative.

84. Philippa Roberts

If you love all things jewelry, check out the incredible pieces coming from Philippa Roberts Jewelry. Priding herself on the ability to make stunning everyday pieces, Philippa has been designing and creating her jewelry for over 20 years. You can expect clean lines and colorful stones in her timeless and classic styles.

85. Twig & Fig Paperie

Let your creative juices flow and work part-time as a cashier in Berkeley at this quality stationary shop. Located in the famous Gourmet Ghetto of North Berkeley, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of their endless supply of quality writing instruments and paper. 

You’ll fit right into the team at Twig & Fig Paperie if you understand the joys of wax seals and vintage leather journals.

86. Viscera

Combine your passion for art and fashion by joining the team at Viscera, an Oakland-based design house that creates wearable Avante Garde pieces. They aim to create artfully made, yet functional jewelry, clothing, and body care products. Who knows, you may even get contribute or collaborate with the team when Viscera launches a new collection.

87. Nina Designs

Learn from professional jewelry designers with 30 years of experience at Nina Designs. They design sterling silver charms, pendants, and jewelry making supplies for fellow jewelry designers. With products manufactured in Bali, Thailand and the United States, you will find high-quality products that are innovatively designed.


88. Avital Tours

If you love quality food, interacting with people, and are on the lookout for tour guide companies in San Francisco hiring now, Avital Tours is the perfect place for you. Spend your days taking guests on a 4-course progressive meal and share stories about the restaurant owners and chefs. 

You’ll be providing a wonderfully unique experience to food lovers in the city, full of artisan delicacies and delicious libations.

89. Bee Green Recycling & Supply

Help save the planet with Bee Green Recycling & Supply. As a family-owned company in the Bay Area, they truly value their employees and customers who are helping to divert thousands of tons of materials from disposal at area landfills. They have 3 locations in Oakland to meet the needs of recycling construction debris, green waste, and inert debris.

90. LaunderBot

LaunderBot is a pickup and delivery wash and fold laundry service that was founded in 2014. It was created to help busy people have more time to spend on the important things in life instead of laundry. 

As a quickly-growing service in Alameda, Oakland, and Emeryville, this is a great opportunity to land one of the most unique delivery driver jobs in the Bay Area.

91. Mariposa Gardening & Design Cooperative

Calling all green thumbs in the Bay Area! This landscape design/build cooperative creates gorgeous, well-crafted ecologically sound gardens. The Oakland-based team at Mariposa Gardening & Design Cooperative is a great place to find the top gardening companies to work for in Oakland.

92. The Brewster Law Office

Interested in law as a career? Keep an eye out for open administrative assistant jobs at The Brewster Law Office and learn the ropes of practicing law. Cecily Brewster, the founder, is more than just a lawyer — she enjoys traveling and studying language and culture as well.

93. The Laundry SF

The Laundry SF is a gallery space dedicated to giving people the tools and opportunities for sharing their creations with the world. This is the ideal space for hosting events, from birthday parties to video shoots to meetings. They also have a trendy cafe in the space that’s open seven days a week!

94. Marquee Salon

Live out your dream and work full-time as a hair stylist in Oakland at Marquee Salon. An upscale salon in the buzzing Temescal Alley, they have a full staff of professional stylists with unique interests. All of their stylists have backgrounds in fashion, art, and music.

95. Manifesta

Manifesta is a hair salon on a mission to connect and build relationships with their clients and community in Oakland. Their core values are craftsmanship, consideration, and reciprocity. If these sound like your kind of company culture, consider joining their team!

96. Melt Massage

Melt Massage is currently looking for an amazing massage therapist to join their team! If you are committed to providing the highest quality care, increasing joy in people’s bodies, and relieving stress in every customer — apply to their open position now. They have a wonderful storefront in the heart of Montclair Village.

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