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Berkeley is a hotspot for cozy cafes in the Bay Area. As a gathering place for study sessions, hangouts, and business meetings, they’re an inspiring place to spend your day. 

If you can pull an espresso better than anyone you know and love working with people, consider working at a cafe near Berkeley. Get started with our list of 22 cafes to work for near Berkeley below:

1. Awaken Cafe & Roasting 

This cafe has it all! As a coffee bar, organic restaurant, wine/beer bar, and live music venue, they have enough to keep you entertained all day. If you’re looking to work full-time as a cashier in Oakland, look no further — they are currently hiring! You can expect to wear a lot of hats on this small team.

2. Peet's Coffee

Are you looking for professional training from an established coffee shop? Peet’s Coffee has been around since 1966 and has locations all over California. 

Due to its well-known name, this is one of the best cafes for interviews and a common meeting place for friends. So if you love talking with new people, you can expect to serve many people at Peet’s Coffee.

3. Rockridge Cafe

Help put a smile on people’s faces by serving up the famous ricotta pancakes from Rockridge Cafe. This cafe is a staple in its Oakland community, showcasing artwork from local artists in their cafe and serving delicious breakfast all day. Be prepared to spend many hours on your feet here, as they serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

4. Coffee Bar

If you’re on the hunt for cute cafes and bakeries hiring in San Francisco, you’re in luck. Coffee Bar is currently looking for a barista to join their team. They serve responsibly-sourced coffee in an open and modern space that’s inspiring to anyone who walks in the door.

5. Cafe Umami

Combine your passions for healthy eating and coffee drinking at this unique cafe. With a menu full of healthy food and drink options, you can serve up delicious and nutritious meals all day. Plus, you can learn how to make some of their more unique offerings like mushroom coffee and chia seed pudding.

6. Little Window

Tucked away in an alley on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, you will find this cute little cafe full of delicious Vietnamese food. 

If you love unconventional opportunities, join this dynamic team and help spread the news about their unique sustainable food business. They are only open on weekdays, giving their employees free weekends to relax and enjoy the city.

7. RAWR Coffee Bar

Do kittens make you cry tears of joy? Is coffee the only thing that will get you up in the morning? Combine these two passions by working at RAWR Coffee Bar. 

They are a small business that created cat swag, raw cat food, and now has a coffee bar. So you can get hired as a barista in Oakland and spend your days talking about cats with like-minded people.

8. Bluestone Lane

Do you love Australia? Learn a bit about their culture by working at Bluestone Lane. They hope to mirror the coffee culture of Melbourne, Australia, where coffee is a way of life. They offer amazing career development opportunities and are currently hiring full-time baristas for their cafe in San Francisco.

9. L'acajou Bakery and Cafe

Enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and work at L’acajou Bakery and Cafe. This friendly neighborhood cafe in San Francisco offers fresh coffee, breakfast, lunch, and even catering. Now is a perfect time, as they opened a second location!

10. Cafe Reveille

If sophistication is your middle name, considering working at Cafe Reveille in San Francisco or Berkeley. They serve a variety of American breakfast and lunch dishes alongside their espresso bar. 

They are open all week for breakfast and lunch and serve brunch on the weekends, so there will be plenty of shifts for you to pick up as one of their servers.

11. Venus Restaurant

If you’re an early riser who loves breakfast, consider looking for server jobs in Berkeley. Venus Restaurant is a great option if you love small local businesses with plenty of regular customers. If serving up mimosas and espressos all day sounds like your kind of gig, they are currently looking to add a barista to their team!

12. Fig & Poe Coffee Bar

Fig & Poe Coffee Bar brings in amazing pastries and coffees from local artisans around San Francisco and the East Bay. They only hire experienced staff, so this is the perfect opportunity with some barista experience under their belt. If you’re looking for a creative space mixed with simplicity and purity, this is the place to be.

13. Rasa Caffe

This Berkeley-based cafe pulls inspiration from their name. The Sanskrit word “rasa” means “the essence of flavor.” If you love elegant environments and want to learn how to make a perfect cup of chai tea, join their team! They are hiring a barista who can work 25-30 hours per week.

14. Hermanos Coffee + Juice

This is on our list of great businesses for coffee lovers to work at in the Bay Area, so you can expect great things from Hermanos Coffee + Juice. 

With dozens of fresh coffees on rotation throughout the year, their baristas get plenty of opportunities to truly learn their craft. They also provide continual training too all of their staff to encourage personal growth.

15. Cafe 15

If you’re a fan of seasonal produce, work at a cafe that incorporates this into their menu. With a rotating daily special based on what’s in season at the moment, they believe in eating what’s good when it’s good. All of the food is made to order here, so be prepared to serve up fresh dishes as one of their team members.

16. Matcha Cafe Maiko

Learn how to make the best matcha ever at this new and upcoming cafe in San Francisco. Originally from Hawaii, they are looking for candidates who can bring the bright and happy atmosphere of the island. Their new location is located on the ground level of the Kinokuniya Book Store, so you can read for leisure on lunch breaks too!

17. Kefa Coffee

If you don’t mind early working hours in exchange for free afternoons, Kefa Coffee is a great option. They serve a full menu of breakfast sandwiches in the morning and burgers in the afternoon. However, if you’re looking to work as a barista, they serve coffee and espresso as well.

18. Equator Coffees & Teas

Are you wondering how to become a barista with no experience? Equator Coffee & Teas is currently hiring baristas at several locations across the Bay Area. Although experience is preferred, it is not required. So you can learn how to write a killer cover letter, land the job yourself, and get professionally trained on the job.

19. Bondadoso Coffee and Tea Collective

Bondadoso Coffee and Tea Collective is more than just a cafe, it’s a truly unique experience. Founded by a woman inspired by her late sister, they hope to foster an atmosphere full of kindness in their cafe. If you love coffee and tea equally, you will have the opportunity to serve quality options of both beverages.

20. Brewed Awakening

If you’re looking to work at a quaint cafe with a calm atmosphere, check out Brewed Awakening in Berkeley. They are a bit further away from everyone’s go-to coffee shops near UC Berkeley, so you will experience a mix of students and families at this coffee shop. Enjoy employee discounts and amazing coffee by joining this hardworking staff.

21. Tierra Mia Coffee

Do you love quality coffee with a twist? Terra Mia Coffee prepares their coffees to order using the pour over method for maximum flavor. They also have an array of unique coffee concoctions, including the horchata latte, coco loco latte, and mojito mint tea lemonade.

22. West End Crepe

At West End Crepe, you can work full-time as a barista in Alameda and spend your shifts decorating beautiful crepes. They only use the finest ingredients in their crepes and also serve organic juices and smoothies. As an added bonus, you can also skip the Monday blues with the day off because they aren’t open.  

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