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There’s no doubt that one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue is teaching. You get to play a huge part in helping students achieve lifelong academic and personal success. Charter Schools are alternative schools that are public and independent, so you’ll get more freedom to teach. 

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re in luck! There are so many charter schools to choose from that you can’t go wrong. Check out this list.

1. Rise Institute School

RISE Institute School specializes in working with at-risk children who need therapeutic intervention. You’ll be working in a highly personalized environment that gives way for a safe and structured learning setting. It’s important to find your ideal company culture, so be sure to visit this school before applying.

2. REALM Charter School

Are you passionate about diversity and representation? REALM Charter School is a public school that serves students of all backgrounds with a unique approach. They focus on project-based learning, encouraging students to use their voice and explore the world around them.

3. University Preparatory Academy Charter School

A top-rated charter and magnet school in San Jose, this school is relatively small with 593 students between 7th grade and 12th grade. However, it’s true that big things can come in small packages. They are ranked 9th best charter school in California!

4. Oakland Charter High School

If you want to get hired as a teacher in a place that truly values quality education, Oakland Charter High School is the place to be. Their teachers have a reputation for mastering their subjects and dedicating their knowledge to the students.

5. Leadership Public School

With a student-to-teacher ratio of 23 to 1, Leadership Public School is a highly rated charter school in Hayward. If you are passionate about the English language, this could be the place for you. A whopping 87% of their students are proficient in reading!

6. Oakland School for the Arts

Do you dabble in the arts in your spare time? We recommend joining the team at the Oakland School for the Arts. With a diverse and passionate student body, creativity and inspiration flow through this school.

7. Design Tech High School

Are you new to teaching? One of the best skills to learn from your first job as a teacher is one-on-one training. Design Tech High School in Silicon Valley gives plenty of opportunities for this. With only 260 students, they even have access to programs at Oracle!

8. Oakland Military Institute

Oakland Military Institute focuses on instilling discipline in their students alongside learning. They have a seven-year program focused on preparing students for college. Teaching the values of leadership and honorable behavior, this school is a unique experience for both students and teachers.

9. Gateway High School

If you live in San Francisco and are not a fan of commuting, look for your next gig at Gateway High School. Located in the heart of the city, this school is known for its competitive academics and a plethora of college courses. They operate on the belief that every student can learn at high levels, but that all students learn differently.

10. KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory

KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory focuses on ensuring that students are ready for college through their academics. If you want to work full-time as a teacher in San Francisco, this small high school is a great option.

11. City Arts & Tech High School

This public charter school in San Francisco holds a diverse team of teachers who are praised for being thoughtful and caring towards their students. With a small student body and technology integrated into their curriculum, you will take part in a future-forward learning experience.

12. East Palo Alto Academy

East Palo Alto Academy goes above and beyond to serve the students in their community. With assisted lunch programs and free tuition, students are given the support they need to succeed. This is why they’re known for their strong community and safe environment.

13. BayTech School

Are you a big sports fan? This Oakland-based charter school has plenty of sports activities available for students and a small student-to-teacher ratio. This is one of the perfect jobs for 25-year-olds, as it’s an inspiring environment to explore your passions while making a difference in the lives of students.

14. DCP Alum Rock High School

This San Jose school has the unique mission of preparing first-generation students for college. They use highly collaborative methods and integrate social justice leadership principles into their curriculum. Teachers are dedicated to seeing students succeed, so consider joining this team if you are passionate about their mission.

15. Leadership High School

Teachers work to develop strong connections with their students at Leadership High School. Not only do they have a rigorous program to prepare students for college, but they have high expectations of their students since they develop special relationships with them. If teaching is more to you than just a job, consider joining this team.

16. Alternatives in Action

This charter school in Oakland is extremely small with only 165 students. This opens up opportunities to build deeper relationships with students to encourage them to express themselves. If you plan to find a full-time teaching job at Alternatives in Action, prepare to be involved in their many extracurricular activities.

17. Escuela Popular

Hablas español? If so, consider joining the team at Escuela Popular! This bilingual school in San Jose boasts a dual-language education program. They aim to prepare students for a global society with their Spanish and English programs.

18. Summit Public School — Denali Campus

This relatively new campus has been growing each year since 2013. If you are passionate about building from the ground up, this is a great place to be. They have a rigorous learning environment with a small student body.

19. Life Learning Academy

Are you wondering how to make a great first impression on your first day of work? Remembering names is a great way to establish a personal connection with students gives a wonderful first impression. Life Learning Academy can help you with this, as their student body consists of only 22 students in total!

20. San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School

Do you have a green thumb? Channel your inner environmentalist while teaching the next generation at San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School. They offer paid job training to students for recycling, construction, and landscaping.

21. Conservatory of Vocal & Instrumental Arts High School

Pack your bags and head to Oakland if you’re looking to work in the arts! COVAH is dedicated to music education alongside general academic studies. With only 34 students, they have the resources and time to implement this unique strategy.

22. Civicorps Corpsmember Academy

This Oakland-based school hones in on job skill development within their college preparatory program. They have full-time, on-site counselors to advise students, both socially and for college prep. Keep an eye out for teaching jobs here if you are a strong believer in accessible advising for students.

23. B. Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy

With 81 students in their San Jose location, this school is dedicated to developing leaders with plenty of one-on-one mentorships. As a part of The Foundation for Hispanic Education, you’ll help champion the success of minorities while providing their educational experience. A win-win in our book!

24. John Henry High School

John Henry High School has a rigorous college preparatory program in Richmond. They seek to help underserved communities by equipping them with the education they need to go to college. You’ll make a difference in the lives of minority students as a part of this team.

25. Bullis Charter School

If you want to work at one of the top charter schools hiring in the Bay Area, Bullis Charter School has a truly excellent academic program. They boast huge success rates, with 97% of their students proficient in math and 96% of them proficient in reading. Join this team and help develop some of the Bay Area’s highest achieving students.

26. Discovery Charter School

Do you prefer to work with younger students? Head on over to Discovery Charter School. They serve students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. With high reviews from students and parents, there’s no doubt you’ll have a satisfying experience as a part of this community.

27. Yu Ming Charter School

Are you fluent in Mandarin and passionate about teaching the next generation? Yu Ming Charter School is bilingual, focusing on education in both the Mandarin and English languages. As one of the leaders in Mandarin immersive education, they aim to empower their bilingual students.

28. Mission Preparatory

Looking for teaching jobs in San Francisco? Mission Preparatory is located in San Francisco’s sunny Mission district! You’ll be a role model for students, exemplifying their mantra that, “hard work leads to success” at this school.

29. The Academy of Alameda

Strong teaching staff and caring community makes this well-rounded school a must-see! They have a highly diverse student body with just over 500 students. They focus on training their students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

30. Creative Arts Charter School

With a powerful mission to integrate learning through the arts, Creative Arts Charter School is an inspiring school located in San Francisco. You’ll teach the core subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies through hands-on learning. Students get to invest in their creative arts education alongside their normal studies with their unique teaching style. 

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