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Not ready to give up work even though you’ve hit the benchmark age? You’re not the only one. More baby boomers are choosing to continue to work instead of retire.

A second career or "encore" career can help you stay physically active and find personal fulfillment. Check out our top picks for jobs after retirement below:

Health and Wellness

1. Yoga Teacher

Like to be physically active? Reap the many benefits of working as a yoga teacher, like regular stretching and strength training. Don’t forget about the mind connection of meditating.

To land this job, you’ll have to do 200 hours of training. It may sound overwhelming, but you can learn the tips and tricks to becoming a yoga instructor. Plus, you can do these trainings anywhere—with devoted yogis often traveling to exotic locations like Bali for courses that double as retreats. Namaste!

2. Therapist

If you’ve always been a people person, a great way to practice and use your empathy skills to help others are the many therapist job openings. Choose between family therapy, child therapy, or general counseling.

Being a licensed therapist requires getting a master’s degree. You’ll also need to perform supervised clinical hours as part of your state’s licensing requirements.

3. Massage Therapist

If you want to be physically active while helping others, massage therapy fits the role. To be attractive to the massage studios hiring now, you’ll have to be trained and certified. You’ll be able to work in spas, hotels, wellness centers, or your own private business.

4. Nutritionist

Love eating healthy? Nutritionists are in demand and can work anywhere from hospitals, clinics, or gyms. Find a nutritionist job to spend your days guiding people toward a healthier lifestyle.

5. Career Coach

Help others find their true calling. As a career coach, you’ll guide clients through finding new jobs, strengthening interview skills, and provide tips for writing killer resumes.

6. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

If you want a high impact, fast-paced job in medicine, work full-time as an EMT. EMT’s respond to calls and care for the injured. You’ll need to get training and certification.

7. Home Aide

Help individuals who have disabilities or impairments by working as a home aid. You’ll be caring for them in the comforts of their home. This includes housekeeping, like cooking and laundry or running errands.

8. Dental Hygienist

Help people keep their teeth clean and get hired as a dental hygienist. You’ll be working with patients to educate them and check for oral diseases.


9. Teacher

Head back to the classroom! Apply to teacher job openings and work with kids at a local elementary school. If you’ve got a speciality like teaching history, head to a high school or community college. Community college teachers require master’s degrees, while high school and below require four-year degrees.

10. Private Tutor

Want to teach on a one-on-one basis? Work part-time as a private tutor to set your own hours and workload. There’s a whole range of private tutoring needed from teaching the SAT to languages. Find tutoring jobs on online search engines or through the local school.

11. Childcare/Nanny

Miss playing with children at the playground? Become responsible for small children and get hired as a nanny. You’ll get to play an important role in their life and have fun while you’re at it.


12. Writer

Writing is a timeless career if you’ve always had a knack for pen and ink. Become a writer or blogger or work on that novel you’ve always wanted to write. You will find many employers hiring for writing jobs, so the topics you can write about are endless!

13. Craftsperson

Spend lots of time in the studio? Find a craftsperson job to start a creative and fulfilling career, whether it’s woodwork or knitting. Sell your products at local fairs or on online stores for independent makers.

14. Musician

Explore your musical talents by working part-time as a musician. Find venues to perform at, whether it’s bars or weddings. You can even create and produce your own music for distribution online.

15. Graphic Designer

Have an artistic eye? Be on the lookout for graphic designer job openings and work in a field where you’ll be able to combine your creativity with fulfilling complex problems. Teach yourself or take a class to learn computer programs for design. After that it’s smooth sailing. Most jobs only require a portfolio and not a degree.

16. Web Developer

Want to learn how to code? Teach yourself how to develop websites and work full-time as a web developer. There are plenty of online resources that teach you the fundamentals of code. Once you have the skills, you’ll be able to land freelance jobs or work for a company.

17. Interior Designer

Express your creativity and work with clients. Look for interior design firms hiring now and work towards making spaces beautiful with decorating and renovating.


18. Retail Salesperson

Retail Salesperson part-time jobs provide flexibility and opportunity for growth. Whether it’s a job at the mall or a local boutique, you can find a diverse range of roles. Many retail stores hire seasonal workers, so make sure to check job listings during busy periods like the holidays. You’ll also typically get shopping discounts!

19. Personal Shopper

If you’ve got a great fashion sense, becoming a personal shopper could be your calling. Work at a department store or boutique and help other people make fashion choices. Personal shoppers can also give freelance advice after building up a client list.

20. Chef

Are you the next Gordon Ramsay? If you’re dedicated to making good food, head to the Bay Area and apply to one of the top restaurants to work for in San Francisco for an ideal second career. Enroll in culinary school or become an apprentice at a restaurant kitchen.

21. Delivery Driver

Delivery driver jobs allow you to work in the comfort of your own car. Car-sharing apps like Uber are all the trend right now, so easily find customers to give rides to. You’ll be able to set your own schedule and workload while making extra change on the side.

Business/Community Institution

22. Non-Profit Worker

Feel it’s your time to give back to the community? Check out the non-profits hiring now to see if you fit the bill. These companies range from local to international and need people at every level—from administrators to lawyers. Looking for less commitment? Take baby steps by volunteering at a local nonprofit first.

23. Management Consulting

Like intellectual challenges? If you have skills or knowledge from a previous career, get hired as a management consultant to help businesses solve issues and improve performance.

24. Librarian

It’s every bookworm’s dream! Find a librarian job and spend your days surrounded by books with people who share your love of reading. These positions generally require degrees ranging from college to master’s degrees. Can’t wait that long? Get started by volunteering in your local library.

25. Politician

Loved debate class in high school? Channel your inner politician by joining local council. Make a difference in the community and finally see changes.

26. Business Owner

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, being a business owner is a great career. You could own a franchise or set up your own independent idea. If the investment of a brick-and-mortar store is too high, think about setting up an online business which often requires little to no investment.

27. Recruiter

Always dreamed of being the one to interview someone for the job? Employers hiring for recruiters are looking for that too! Work in-house for companies or staffing agencies and get paid based on commission. It’s a great role for someone who likes speaking with people and is self-motivated.

28. Real Estate Agent

Do you love visiting beautiful homes? Becoming a real estate agents doesn’t require a college degree, but you’ll need to study for and pass an examination for the license. Then you can reach out to real estate agencies hiring now and land a job. If you work well with people and thrive off the excitement of sales, this one’s for you.

29. Virtual Assistant

Work in your pajamas! Employers hiring for virtual assistant jobs expect the same level of efficiency as an in-person assistant. Provide businesses with various needs such as data entry, scheduling appointments, or answering phone calls, all from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s through freelance or contract, you can find these opportunities online or on freelance websites.

30. Spiritual/Religious Worker

Already attend a religious institution? Ask if there are any roles to become more involved. Inspire others and work with the community by leading youth groups. There are also many other roles available, such as leading administration or community service.

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