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Millennials may get a bad rap for their love of avocado toast, but they’re masters of the gig economy, taking advantage of the flexibility side hustles can offer. Part-time work is a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket, so if you’re looking for some creative ideas while on the job search, read on.


1. Dog Walker

Apps like Rover and Wag allow you to work part-time as a dog walker, matching your profile with people to ensure a good fit. Gigs can be one-timers or recurring; payment is made directly through the app.

2. Housekeeper

Find employers hiring for housekeeping jobs if you love to vacuum, dust, mop, and make house squeaky clean. Perfect for someone who likes a clean house and doesn’t mind a little dirty work.

3. Caregiver

Elderly, housebound, or disabled people may need a helping hand. Get hired as a caregiver to provide transportation, do light housework, and help with meals and errands for someone with these needs. You'll probably add a ray of sunshine to your client’s life by providing some welcome company.

4. Babysitter

If you like getting on the floor to play games and love on little ones, babysitter part-time jobs are a great way to make some extra moolah. Parents love having a regular sitter, so if you don’t mind giving up nights and weekends, sitting might be a good fit for you.

5. Hotel Maid

It takes a team to run a hotel, from the front desk to the cleaning crew. Check out the hotels hiring now and you could swap out sheets and towels, deliver room service, or perform any of the other jobs that need doing. The hotel biz can be a great part-time gig.


6. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’ll help clients cross things off their to-do list, from booking flights to sending thank you notes. You may be in charge of scheduling, paying bills, or clearing your client’s email inbox, and best of all, you can do it all remotely.

7. Receptionist

The first person someone sees when they come to an office should be a smiling receptionist to greet them. If you’re friendly, outgoing, and can handle tasks like light filing, mail duty, and incoming phone calls, find a part-time receptionist job.

8. Administrative Assistant

If you’re organized, this could be the gig for you. Part-time administrative assistant jobs give you experience in managing schedules, travel, and even ordering catered lunches. Whatever is needed to support the office staff will fall under the responsibilities of this role.

9. IT

If you’re good at debugging viruses and diagnosing computer problems, find a job in information technology. It’s a great way to earn some part-time cash with companies in a jam that don’t have (or need) a full time IT staffer.

10. Temp Work

Plenty of creative industries, from advertising agencies to large lifestyle companies, may need part-time contractors to do anything from proofreading ad copy and cross-checking facts, to making scouting calls and creating copy for travel brochures. Agencies specializing in creative contract assignments can be your go-to.

Customer Service/Marketing

11. Customer Service Representative

People generally aren’t in their happy place when they’re calling to complain. If you’re a natural problem solver, find employers hiring for customer service. You can talk people down and start fixing the issues!

12. Telemarketer

Calling people to sell them something or solicit contributions can be a hard sell. If you can get over being hung up on and persist, there are plenty of telemarketer job openings. They can be lucrative gigs!

13. Content Marketer/Blogger

Businesses need blog posts to engage their customers, drive their SEO and secure their place in the Googlesphere. If you can write great promotional material for a company, get hired as a content marketer or blogger. You can often do it from home in your PJs!


14. Cashier

Helping people check out at a store (or basically any business with a point of sale) is quick, easy work that involves little more than ringing up purchases, swiping cards, and making change with a smile on your face. Cashier jobs are especially in high demand around the holidays.

15. Retail Sales Associate

Work part-time as a retail sales associate to keep yourself on your toes, literally. Your job will be to engage customers, help them find what they need, and likely get them to explore things that are the perfect addition to what they came in looking for.

16. Airbnb Host

Make your spare room work for you by becoming an Airbnb host. The online profile is easy to use, you can screen potential guests, and manage the calendar to your needs. This is great for those who live in a desirable location, say, near a concert venue, where guests have access to activities.


17. Online Teacher

Remote, online classes are growing in popularity, from virtual English teachers with students around the globe to subject-specific courses managed 100% online. If you can monitor your students’ work and progress, find an online teaching job for a great remote job with flexible hours.

18. Tutor

Have a subject you always excelled at that you can help someone struggling with? Were you the go-to in class when a classmate didn’t get it? Get hired as a tutor to continue helping students study topics challenging to them. These roles provide relatively high hourly rates and flexibility, allowing you to meet in libraries or cafes with students.

19. Substitute Teacher

You’ll need a special license and willingness to get early-morning assignment calls, but stepping in for a teacher while they’re out helps you earn a great daily wage. Most substitute teacher jobs can give you consistent and even long-term gigs as long as you’re able to manage the class and apply the lesson plan.

20. Test Prep Instructor

High schoolers (or even some college students in certain programs) are expected to take rigorous tests like the SAT, MCAT, and LSAT. If you’re a good standardized test taker and can talk others through success tips, work part-time as a test prep instructor.

21. Test Proctor/Test Grader

Can you administer a timed test and supervise wandering eyes? Can you follow a score sheet and grade finished tests? These jobs can earn a solid hourly wage without huge effort and may even be done at home in certain cases.

22. Teacher Assistant

If you’re interested in a teaching career, but not ready to take the full-time plunge, consider finding part-time teacher assistant job openings. You’ll learn hands-on from the pros with an inside look, plus offer vital support for teachers.

23. Daycare Provider

Sure, toddlers can be challenging at times, but they’re also cute, lovable, and a lot of fun. If you can help with playing, story time, naps, and snacking, check out available daycare jobs for an awesome gig.

24. Librarian

Even without a degree in Library Arts, public and university libraries need people to run community outreach programs like lectures and story time, process materials check-out and check-in, manage patron accounts, and shelve books. If you’re a bookworm who likes a quiet environment, find a part-time librarian job and see if it’s the gig for you.

25. Lifeguard

You’ll need some training to get hired as a lifeguard, but the pay is decent and the hours are flexible. Get a gig over the summer and soak up some rays or go to a year-round pool, where you’ll keep an eye on recreational swimmers.


26. Back of House

One of the most in demand and understaffed areas of employment are back of house jobs. They'll teach you important kitchen and restaurant skills. Prepping food for caterers or restaurants can be demanding, on your feet work, but can be rewarding, too.

27. Busser/Server

Check your area for server and busser job openings when you’re ready for a fast-paced gig. Whether taking orders and serving food or clearing tables for the next guest, the tips for these gigs can be lucrative. Even lunch shifts of a few hours at a fine dining establishment can bring home the bacon.

28. Baker/Cake Decorator

If long nights aren’t your cup of tea, but you still love working in the restaurant industry, we recommend working part-time as a baker. Shifts begin before the crack of dawn, but leave the rest of the day to you. Decorating cakes require a few tricks, but is a great job for someone who likes hands-on work. Bonus: you’ll always smell like freshly baked goods.

29. Barista

If you like hip cafes and slinging joe, you can help people with their morning wake up routine. If you like working with people and can memorize drink recipes, stock a pastry counter, and keep the coffee shop clean, apply at one of the cafes hiring now and earn some cash. Hours are fairly flexible and some may even offer benefits (beyond free coffee drinks).

30. Events Staff

There will be no shortage of employers hiring event coordinators, especially during the holiday season. Most events require able bodies to do everything from setting up and breaking down tables and chairs, and passing out hors d’oeuvres and drinks. At large festivals or concerts, event coordinators manage a variety of tasks, from scanning entry tickets to clean up. A great gig if you like variety, free entertainment or food, and evening hours.

31. Host/Hostess

Can you manage the complicated dance of seating arrangements, reservations, and preferred seating? Can you look professional, greet guests politely, and bring them to their seats? Believe it or not, you can work part-time as a host at some upscale eateries and earn more than folks with a salaried job.

Transportation Driver 

32. Lyft or Uber Driver

Shuttle people from point A to point B and learn your city’s streets like the back of your hand with a job with Uber or Lyft. You’ll meet new people, earn some dough, and set your own work hours too.

33. Food Delivery Driver

While some restaurants still employ their own drivers, plenty of companies like Grubhub, Caviar, and Postmates have delivery driver job openings. You would pick food up from restaurants and deliver it to clients’ doors. You’ll get paid by your company but likely get tips from your hungry (and happy) clients.

34. Valet Driver

If you like luxury cars, don’t mind being outside regardless of the weather, can pull off a 2-point parking job and retrieve a car in minutes, find a part-time valet job at a hotel, country club, or restaurant. In addition to base pay, generous guests leave hefty tips for taking care of their favorite toys.

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