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In between diaper duty and feeding rituals, you need to do something that stimulates your brain and makes you feel like you’re a part of the outside universe.

If you’re looking for flexible opportunities to earn a little extra money from home during naptime, then our list of part-time jobs for stay at home moms is your cheat sheet to achieving work-life bliss.

1. Social Media Specialist

Whether it’s from the comforts of your sofa or in a sunken chair next to your sleeping infant, you’re probably spending a huge chunk of time on social media platforms. Why not take advantage of those naptime hours to manage a company's social media presence? Get hired as a social media specialist to create engaging on-brand content, maintain a dialogue with commenters, post eye-catching photos and use your knowledge of savvy social media trends to show clients that you’re ahead of the curve.

2. Virtual Assistant

Provided that you’re organized, quick on a keyboard and obsessed with time management and deadlines, a virtual assistant position is a terrific way to make some extra cash while you’re a stay-at-home mama.

From monitoring and responding to emails to scheduling meetings and booking travel arrangements for clients, this is a job that gives moms flexibility, a sense of accomplishment, and the ability to connect with a company that falls within your specific areas of interest.

3. Transcriber

You’ve got to be a fast typist, have a good eye for spotting errors and be a grammar nerd, but if you’ve mastered those requirements, then you should work full-time as a transcriber—the opportunities of which are plentiful. Essentially, the job entails listening to audio recordings (think speeches, podcasts, and interviews) and transcribing the content into documents.

4. Online Tutor

If you’re a master of the English language, a calculus wizard, a history buff, or a computer science geek, then consider helping out a kid whose grades need a boost (and a worried parent who’s already thinking about college admissions). Find an online tutor job so you can set your own schedule, work as many hours as you’d like, and feel good about arming a student with the knowledge to succeed.

5. Freelance Writer

Are you a word warrior? Can you knock out error-free copy? Is your brain buzzing with story topics? Can you tell a compelling story? If so, apply to a couple freelance writer job openings and see if it's your calling.

While print is fading, the need for competent writers in digital spaces has grown exponentially, and while the pay can be subpar, there are plenty of outlets that still believe that professional writing skills are worth their weight in dollars rather than cents. Find your niche and make it your own.

6. Blogger

Just about every company has a blog, and every blog needs quality content. Follow blogs that you love, get to know the readership and observe what’s missing with regard to content. Think about what you can add to increase visibility and then fire off your ideas to blog editors.

Alternatively, you can get paid by starting your own blog that focuses on your area of expertise or favorite hobby—and make sure to sign up for Google AdSense to increase your revenue. Blogging gives you complete flexibility and the earning potential is limitless.

7. Bookkeeper

If you’re meticulously good with numbers, have an accounting background and a solid understanding of accounting software, then you can cash in that knowledge (and pay for bottles, diapers, and sleep sacks). You would be helping companies and clients with documenting financial transactions, tracking payments, issuing invoices, reconciling accounts, and processing payroll. There are plenty of employers hiring for bookkeeping jobs, so apply today!

8. Proofreader

Moms who can spot punctuation and grammatical errors from across state lines should seriously consider finding a part-time proofreading job, especially given the amount of online content that’s riddled with eye-rolling mistakes. The income potential is lucrative and the higher-ups will appreciate the fact that you’re keeping their content credible.

9. Graphic Designer

Ideal for stay-at-home moms with a creative streak and a keen eye for design, color, and art, graphic design jobs can showcase their prowess by creating visual concepts that zigzag from logos, posters and advertising brochures to magazine art, corporate reports and product packaging.

10. E-Commerce Seller

If you’ve got stuff to sell (who doesn’t?), then launching an e-commerce store can lead to big bucks. Online marketplaces (Etsy, for example) are always searching for creative entrepreneurs to sweeten their site with vintage, offbeat, and handmade products that consumers can’t find elsewhere.

And speaking of Etsy, there are several shop owners who are looking for stay-at-home moms to virtually manage their shops, especially during the busy holiday shopping season.

11. Online Mock Juror

Yep, online jurors actually exist, and it’s the kind of part-time job that stimulates a sleepless brain. The gist: Review legal cases from the comforts of home, submit honest case feedback via an online questionnaire and play an active role in assisting attorneys. The best part is twofold: You get to choose which cases you’d like to review and it’s a side gig that requires very little experience.

12. Airbnb Host

If you need a bit of grownup interaction to counteract the baby talk and you’ve got an extra room in your home, a guest cottage, or a finished basement with a bed and a bathroom, then consider using that extra space to host travelers.

Not only will you make money—sometimes enough to cover your monthly rent or mortgage payment—but you’ll also have the opportunity to meet interesting people from across the globe.

13. Pet Sitter

Stay-at-home moms can substantially increase their bank accounts simply by opening their home to someone else’s fur baby for a few nights. Sure, you may have to walk your four-legged companion, but you’re presumably pushing the stroller around the park anyway, so you may as well find pet sitting part-time jobs and earn some cash. Bonus: An energetic toddler and a child-friendly dog equals playtime, giving you a break from being the consummate entertainer.

14. Survey Taker

Opinions matter—and you’ll get paid for yours in you sign up to become a survey taker. There are hundreds of legitimate market research companies out there that need opinionated people to take online surveys as a way to gather data about their products and services. Some companies allow survey takers to collect reward points that can be exchanged for gift cards, while others present you with cash payments.

15. Customer Service Representative

There are always employers hiring for customer service, so if you have patience, a positive demeanor, and the gift of gab, it’s a good part-time job that doesn’t require much experience. You’ll spend quite a bit of time on the phone fielding questions, placing orders and resolving problems. Hone your search on large corporations that provide training and make sure you have high-speed Internet, headphones and a dedicated phone line.

16. Virtual Travel Agent

If you’re a master of finding vacation deals and love dreaming up itineraries, then keep an eye out for virtual travel agencies hiring now. It's a dream job for stay-at-home moms. In most cases, a travel agent certificate or online coursework through a travel agent school is required, so you’ll likely need some experience before pursuing this career path.

Home-based travel agents are usually contracted out by a host agency, but you’ll be given all the tools you need to plan memorable vacations that help travelers save money and time. Plus, you're likely to find some great travel deals of your own along the way.

17. Babysitter/Nanny

You’ve already got a kid (or two) at home, so why not invite a few playmates over and create your own part-time babysitting job? Contact your local elementary school and put your name on their list of in-home daycares, post on your NextDoor private social network, or spread the word at your next block party. Having a couple more kids at home with your own equates to lively social interaction and it puts cash in your pocket, too.

18. Photographer

Motherhood and photography is a match made in heaven. You’re already curating content on Instagram and posting dozens of adorable baby shots on your Facebook page, right? You have a gift for taking the kind of wow shots that your friends and family beg you to frame, plus you have watched a few free YouTube videos to learn the difference between shutter speed and aperture.

Turn that hobby into a job and work part-time as a photographer to earn some extra cash. Book photography sessions in your home, launch a photography blog or offer to sell your photos to companies searching for freelance photographers.

19. Web Designer

Freelance jobs are ideal for stay-at-home moms, especially web designing gigs, for those who have a flair for innovation, creativity, technology and graphic design. You need to have some technical experience or training under your belt to get hired as a web designer, but it’s a small investment considering that they typically get paid well above minimum wage.

20. Online Consultant

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, a springboard of energy, and a genuine passion for a particular product or brand, then it might be the right time to find a consultant job with a company whose goods are must-haves in your closet, on your kitchen counter, or in your skincare cabinet. This is the kind of job that allows you to cultivate a dedicated clientele while selling products that you truly believe in.

21. Website Evaluator

In your downtime, you’re likely perusing pages on the Internet, be it a big-box retailer, your favorite online shop for baby gear or a home design website that touts all sorts of organizational pointers for saving space. And while you’re flipping through those pages, you notice that the site is a beast to navigate.

This is where you come in: A slew of companies retain remote online testers to ensure their websites are free of glitches, intuitive and easy to navigate. The testing time normally takes less than 20 minutes, and the opportunities are abundant.

22. Search Engine Evaluator

Most companies want to be front and center in an Internet search, and if they’re not, they’re losing a large segment of the online populous. Who wants to be that company?

If you’re Internet savvy and a pro at being in the know when it comes to culture, films, music and celebrities—companies like Google and Yahoo are looking to hire you. In a nutshell: They give you keywords to search for, and you provide feedback based on your analysis of search results, advertisements, videos, maps and web page content.

23. Personal Chef

If you love to cook for others, always have a simmering pot on the stove, and are pegged as that brilliant cook whose recipes are always a hit at parties or potlucks, then a part-time personal chef job might be your calling.

Use your creative streak to create custom menus for corporate clients, the elderly, those who are homebound and other moms who work 9-to-5 jobs, and if you happen to specialize in a certain type of cooking—gluten-free, paleo or vegan, for instance—you’ll have a head start by creating a niche that separates you from other personal chefs.

24. Online Stylist

If you’re obsessed with up-to-the-moment fashion and have a knack for picking out clothes, find an online stylist job and help choose outfits for every body shape and style preference. 

Companies like Stella & Dot and Stitch Fix are renowned for their savvy fashion sense and the online personal shopping service is always on the lookout for stylists that can help customers design the perfect wardrobe based on their fashion profiles.

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