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First off, congratulations on the new bundle of joy! Over the last several weeks, you’ve learned how to function while sleep-deprived, mastered swaddling, and learned not to panic every time the baby cries. Now you’re ready to get back to work...sort of.

Lots of moms make a pitstop in part-time work while caring for infants and small children. Maybe you’re looking to pocket a little extra cash during naptime. Maybe you need a few hours of adult time each week. Maybe you’re itching to get back to work, but aren’t quite ready for your next career move.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of part-time jobs that are perfect for new moms, whether you’re looking for an at-home freelance gig or a few childless hours outside of your house.


Need a few hours a week out of the house in the company of childless adults? Retail can be a good place to get your fix. Most retailers thrive on part-time staff, and are more than happy to schedule employees for a couple of short shifts per week. Clothing stores, wine shops, home goods suppliers, garden centers, and jewelers are all good places to look for jobs -- you might consider the employee discount in making a decision.

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Data-entry roles are plentiful, and are a great option if you want to stay home with your tots, but want to pocket some extra cash on the side. You can usually bang out your responsibilities while your baby naps.

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Dog Walker

Strap the kid into a carrier, and pick up a few pooches for a stroll. Most dog walking businesses take part-timers, and you get your daily exercise while taking on your daily responsibilities.

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Social Media Marketer

If you’re trapped on the couch and glued to your phone anyway, put the time to good use by taking on some social media marketing or community management work. This can range from managing all the social media for a small business to responding in real time to commenters for a big brand. The good news is, much of it can be done remotely.

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Museum Staff

Many museums run on volunteer labor, but all hire a few key positions to run the front desk, help with content or marketing, man the gift shop, or assist with restoration and cleaning. Many of these roles are part-time, and good for moms who want to spend a few hours away from home each week.

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Customer Service

If you’re a friendly and unflappable person, you might excel at customer service. These days, many companies hire remote customer service representatives -- you can take calls and incoming chats from home, so long as you have a quiet space in which to work.

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Blogger or Freelance Writer

Put your killer writing skills to good use and sign up for a blog or freelance writing gig. Pitch story ideas to editors of local and national publications, or look for commercial content writing gigs -- many companies maintain active blogs these days and need freelance contributors.

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Big companies often rely on outside recruiters to bring talent through the door -- and many recruiting agencies often enable remote work. If you’re good at assessing talent and don’t mind reaching out to and following up with dozens of potential candidates per day, consider using your kid’s nap time to help people find jobs.

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Let’s face it -- you’re up early anyway. And if your partner works more of a nine-to-five schedule, and can be home with the kid in the wee hours of the morning, a baking job might be just the thing to get you out of the house and earn you some extra cash -- especially if you find bread-kneading, cake-baking, or pastry-creation therapeutic.

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Like baking, baristas can often knock out a full shift before most of the world is waking up -- which makes it a good job for new moms who want to tag-team childcare with a partner and be home for most of the day. No experience? No problem. Let us walk you through how to become a barista with no experience.

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Proofreader or Editor

If you’re a top-notch writer with an obsessive attention to detail, you might make an excellent copy editor, editor, or proofreader. And it’s not just traditional publications that contract some of this work out -- pitch your skills to bigger companies, marketing and PR agencies, and non-profits, especially those who apply for lots of grants.

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Event Staff

Lots of event work is part-time in nature -- most companies plan events with a skeletal staff, then hire teams to carry off events. That makes it ideal for moms who want to pocket some extra cash during hours when their partners can take care of the kids.

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Restaurant Host

Even if you only work a couple of days a week, restaurant hours tend to be long. But hosts tend to work shorter shifts. If you have daytime child care, lunch shifts can be particularly short -- they’re also often less busy.

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Fitness Instructor

The best perk of teaching fitness is that you have good control of your schedule -- especially if you’re just looking for a few hours of work a week. Most studios let instructors book a few classes a week, and you might just have a couple of hours of commitment each time. Help other new moms regain their strength via yoga, or take cyclists through a high-energy spin class.

Want to teach yoga but aren’t certified? We’ll walk you through becoming a yoga instructor.

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Maybe you don’t need a break from your kiddo -- maybe you’d just as soon have more children hanging out in your home. Offer nannying or babysitting services to other working parents and take on a couple of additional charges at an hourly rate.

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