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Interviews are really stressful, but arriving in style alleviates some of the anxiety. This article recommends clothing for a traditional, formal interview. The attire listed will work for many interviews, but it may not be appropriate for all interviews.

If you're applying to a job where formal dress is expected, read below to uncover the secrets behind what to wear to an interview!

1. The carefully-chosen suit

The key to acing formal interview attire is to dress conservatively. A suit is a must-have for a formal interview so choose yours carefully!

The two best colors for an interview suit are either navy blue or gray. A black suit is also appropriate, but it is not the preferred color because it can read as a bit severe in an interview setting.

The on-trend suit jacket has two buttons, not three, so be sure yours only has two buttons! While you're standing and walking around, keep the top button buttoned and the bottom button unbuttoned. When you sit down for the interview, unbutton both buttons.

Source: The ManualPhoto Credit: The Manual

 2. The classic shirt

When dressing for an interview, there are only three colored shirts you should wear under your suit jacket: light blue, beige, or white. While colors like red, green, pink, yellow, orange, and purple look great with a suit, they can be distracting in an interview setting.

Solid-color shirts are ideal for interviews. If you must wear a print, choose an extremely subtle one.

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3. The complementary tie

Wear a silk tie that complements the colors of your suit and shirt. Patterned ties are welcome in an interview setting as are multicolored ties — just make sure your tie's pattern isn't too flashy and its colors aren't too bright. The current style tie is relatively thin so make sure yours is too!

Source: IndochinoPhoto Credit: ndochino

4. The coordinated shoes and belt

Make sure your belt and shoes match in color and finish. Leather is the ideal material for these items. If your suit is gray or black, wear black shoes and a matching black belt. If your suit is blue, wear brown shoes and a matching brown belt.

Source: Trunk ClubPhoto Credit: Trunk Club

5. The subtle socks

It's normal for a fitted suit to expose your ankles when you sit down so choosing an appropriate pair of socks is important. Wear long, solid-color dress socks that are the same color as your pants.

6. The other accessories

Keep extra accessories to a minimum. At most, wear a watch that matches your belt and maybe a tie bar. Again, keep it simple.

Ultimately, interviews are a time to show employers why you want to work for their company. While you want to look suave for your interview, you don't want your outfit to be distracting. Make classy choices so that your confident personality doesn't struggle to stand out next to your vibrant ensemble!

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