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Gone are the days when teachers worked for nine months of the year and took a nice, relaxing summer break. Now, many educators spend school holidays working second jobs, and still more look for a side-hustle or a part-time gig to support their life’s work. Should teachers get paid more? Absolutely. But if you’re looking to put extra cash in your pocket right now, here are a few ideas for part-time jobs and flexible work options especially good for teachers.


SATs, ACTs, math, English, ESL — name the subject, and someone out there is looking for a tutor. Put your teaching skills to good use with a side-hustle you can schedule during off-hours, year-round. A number of companies connect tutors with students all over the world, so you can schedule sessions at a convenient hour for you.

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Petsitter or Dog Walker

Get your kitten or puppy fix, or earn a few extra bucks while getting your daily exercise by signing on as a petsitter or dog walker. This low-time-commitment gig is usually flexible on schedule, too, which makes it ideal for professionals who want to make some easy cash.

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You manage kids like a pro because, well, you are a pro, and your teacher title gives you an edge in the babysitting market. Cash in on your specialized skillset by picking up nighttime and weekend gigs or summertime nanny positions that pay a premium.

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Content Writer

Let your firm command of grammar net you cash. Content writers are often remote and paid hourly or by the project, which means you can slot this work into a down period, or after-school office hours.

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Camp Counselor (or Director)

Get paid to hit the wilderness, make arts and crafts, and keep the boys and girls out of each others’ cabins. Not a fan of the woods? There are plenty of urban day camps out there, covering art, science, and everything in between. Bonus: camps often finish a few weeks before school starts, which means you’ll still get a bit of a break.

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Event Staff

Know what summer is? Wedding and events season. Which means event companies often staff up with seasonal employees to help make sure things go smoothly from May through September. If you’re an organizing pro, a heavy lifter, or a venue set-up wizard, and you don’t mind working weekends, this is a good way to make quick bucks in just a few hours a week all summer long.

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Drive a Ride Share

Make your commute home a side-hustle. Ride shares like Uber and Lyft let you turn on the service when it’s convenient for you, and destination filters ensure you only pick people up headed in the same direction. Or earn quick money on weekends by hovering around concerts, sporting events, and bar let-out.

Social Media Marketer

Put your display design and writing skills to good use by creating snappy social media content for businesses. Social media marketers often hire freelance content creators to execute campaigns -- which means this work can be done at odd hours and from home.

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Server or Bartender

Serving and bartending schedules dovetail nicely with schools that let out early, and restaurants often hire people who want to work just a couple of shifts per week. Pad your wallet with tips by looking especially for high-volume bar gigs, which tend to be high-dollar and low-time commitment.

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