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Interested in volunteering, working, or even dropping your child off at an after-school program? We know of plenty in San Francisco that are amazing and offer children lots of quality care and educational opportunities. Check out these businesses and organizations below! 


VIPKID pride themselves on giving Chinese children the American elementary school experience. They have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and San Francisco and have over 100,000 students and 15,000 teachers on the VIPKID platform. Founded in 2013, VIPKID has won several awards including CY Zone’s Top 100 Chinese Companies, Top 21 Global Innovation Companies, and the US-China Entrepreneurship Leader Award.

2. SF Tots

SF Tots provides soccer, basketball, and baseball programs for young children. SF Tots Soccer child development classes are for children starting at 18 months up to 6 years old. SF Tots Hoops classes are for kids starting at 2½ years old up to 6 years old. MiniSoccer scrimmages for kids aged 4 to 6 years old provide an opportunity to play soccer in a small team format to maximize playing time. 

3. Tandem, Partners in Early Learning

Exploring new ideas, new strategies, and new opportunities to leverage the passions and talents of children and the adults who care for them has always been their strong suit. They’re happy to continue providing programming that engages entire communities to support each child’s early learning and future success.

4. Real Options for City Kids

R.O.C.K. aims to promote the positive development and long-term success of the youth that it serves through a combination of in-school and after school learning enrichment, sports and fitness, leadership training, outdoor adventure and community service opportunities. R.O.C.K.'s programs are designed to serve girls and boys, ages 6-17, who live in or attend school in San Francisco's violent Visitacion Valley.

5. Recess - Urban Recreation

Playtime is serious business. Sometimes families need a space of their own, devoted to activities, community, and fun for everyone. That’s the beauty of Recess; it’s a hub for playing, learning, and meeting other families. From parties to classes to open play, Recess has it all.

6. RISE Institute School

Founded in 1986, RISE is a non-public school that specializes in working with at-risk children who have been identified in need of psycho-educational therapeutic intervention. Their individualized and intense academic setting provides a safe, structured learning environment. Their students need the attention they provide through small classes and access to one-on-one instruction.

7. Potrero Kids

Potrero Kids (PK) is a year-round, Spanish bilingual, dual-campus preschool operated by the Potrero Residents Education Fund (PREFund). Open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. and serving three meals a day, PK provides high-quality preschool services to the working families of San Francisco's Potrero Hill and Eastern Neighborhood communities. 

8. Japanese Community Youth Council

JCYC’s mission is to cultivate and enrich the lives of children and youth from diverse, multicultural communities throughout San Francisco and beyond. 

Through a continuum of services, JCYC programs can support children and youth from the time they start pre-school until they are ready to move onto college. In addition to providing direct services, JCYC has also organized and continues to lead some of the largest and most successful youth collaborations in San Francisco.

9. Ling Ming Mandarin

Ling Ming Mandarin believes learning a new language should be fun and inspiring. Their team of instructors are highly qualified industry veterans who take pride in their work. They love awakening the natural curiosity in our students and helping them become lifelong learners. It is their job to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment for students of all levels.

10. Little Artistas

Little Artistas believe that being prescriptive about art is antithetical to the creative experience. They want to instill in our students a life-long love for art by creating a safe space for kids to explore the art of creative play and the playfulness of creativity! As part of their nurturing approach, Little Artistas focuses on community, respect, tolerance and kindness.

11. Indigo Artbox

They are an online education and delivery company that provides a simple way to learn about art and make art to spark creativity. Each month they deliver a new art project to subscribers with end-to-end supplies to make a fine art project. They combine projects with online videos on art history for inspiration and on instruction for guidance.

12. The Epiphany Center

The Epiphany Center, a non-profit in San Francisco, provides client-centered care to a diverse population of children, women, and families who are the most vulnerable in our society. Their purpose is to strengthen family life and to enhance the physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each person in their care.

13. Kai Ming, Inc.

Head Start is a federal program that was developed in 1965 to help break the cycle of poverty by providing young children of low-income families a free comprehensive program to meet their emotional, social, health, nutritional, and educational needs. Head Start now serves over 900,000 children and families in all 50 states.

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