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Most companies require employees to be over 16, but you can begin working earlier. What’s the trick? Simply talk to local businesses and individuals, instead of just the large companies.

Before you check out these jobs, remember to go to your school’s career center and do your research on local child labor laws. 

Here are 15 of the best jobs on the market for 15-year-olds:

1. Tutor

If you’ve been getting straight A’s in mathematics, English, or another essential subject, turn your knowledge into a profit by becoming a tutor. Ask your school and community about paid programs. Tutoring is a great job for sharing skills you already have and it’s a meaningful way to help peers and younger students.

2. Busser

If you love the bustle of a restaurant, but prefer to stay behind the scenes, bussing could be for you. As a restaurant busser, you fulfill orders and set up tables. It’s not the most glamorous restaurant job, but you’ll learn basic customer service and food prep skills.

3. Car Wash Attendant

If nothing ticks you off more than a dirty car, then you’re the perfect candidate to work at a car wash! You’ll get to wear comfy clothes (watch out for errant soap and water) and your work will surely please many vehicle owners. You’ll be especially successful with this job in warmer areas, and it’s a great way to stay cool!

4. Lawn Caretaker

As long as you are able-bodied and aren’t intimidated by lawn mowers and garden tools, lawn work is a doable starter job. Many people love presentable front and backyards, but don’t have time to do the regular maintenance. That’s where you come in.  You’ll likely be able to set your own hours and rates in this role, which is perfect for busy high school students.

5. Document and Photo Scanner/Archiver

Many people would like to scan old photos and documents to keep as digital files, but finding the time is difficult. You can take on some of that work yourself! This type of service is valuable, and you should be proud of preserving memories and important files. Plus, you can really help out those who are less seasoned in all things technology.

6. House Cleaner

You’re probably used to cleaning your own house, so why not make a little money by cleaning other people’s houses? You can set a regular cleaning schedule with homes or focus on certain areas, like garages.

7. Babysitter

Because this job is more personal than other ones on this list, solid references are essential. It could also benefit your track record to have CPR and First Aid certifications (check out your local Red Cross for more information). A good starting point would be through family and close friends. introduce yourself and your qualifications through community groups like Nextdoor.

8. Pet Sitter

If you have pets of your own or have taken care of other family members’ pets, you’re pretty much already qualified. Be clear in your advertisements that you can only care for pets in the client’s home. Additionally, you may have to do some light tasks around your client’s house, like watering plants and getting the mail.

9. Grocery Store Worker

As a 15 year old, you will likely start out bagging groceries or stocking shelves at the market, although there’s a chance you could work the cash register as well. Wherever you are, you’ll be part of a customer-facing environment and an essential industry.

10. Summer Camp Counselor

If you’re naturally outgoing, you can channel that contagious energy into a summer camp. You may find yourself doing anything from leading athletic activities to organizing arts and crafts sessions. It is an awesome way to spend the summer, and you will surely leave with lifelong friends.

11. Ebay / Craigslist Seller

Got any old video games or entertainment/sports memorabilia you no longer want? Trying to get rid of your old TV? Sell your stuff on eBay. Start out by selling low and research prices for similar items before posting an asking price. If your sale is successful and you find that you have more to sell, it’ll become a lucrative business.

12. Field Marketer

Have you seen folks twirling giant signs on a sidewalk or passing out flyers for a business or event? Well, that could be you! You can help spread the word about a business by performing a simple task or two. You’ll likely be working outside, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

13. Entrepreneur

Maybe you knit. Perhaps you have a knack for tie-dye. Or, you make some awesome pet rocks. Whatever it is, you can sell it! Hop on a website like Etsy, create your store, and start selling. You decide whether to sell “made-to-order” items or keep backstock.

14. Blogger

If you have a passion for writing and hold valuable insights on your age group, you can write blog posts. You’ll likely need to provide writing samples, especially because it’s unlikely you have professional writing experience. However, everyone starts somewhere! Reach out to blogs you follow and see if they need writers, or you can check websites like Upwork.

15. Farmers' Market Helper

Visit your local farmer's market and you’ll find dozens of people who love their job! This position is perfect if you are interested in sustainability or food science. You can hand out samples, weigh produce, or assist customers with decision making. You’ll most likely have to reach out to the businesses yourself, but small farms need lots of helping hands.

That’s all for our list. Now get to hustling and make that money!

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