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You learned about Myers-Briggs personality types in a previous blog post, and today we’re focused on one: the INTP. INTP stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, and Perceiver. 

They are innovative inventors who prefer to work independently. INTPs thrive in roles that allow them to be precise and philosophical. 

If you are an INTP, you might fit into one of these career paths.

1. Financial Analyst

In this role, INTPs can collect and analyze financial data to forecast industry trends and help individuals make decisions with their money. They inform you of good investments and explain why those investments are sound. 

INTPs will use their theoretical thinking to study past results and give sound financial advice.

2. College Professor

Becoming a college professor is one definite way for INTPs to share their knowledge and inspire a generation. This role allows INTPs to satisfy their independent streak by allowing self-study and research projects. It also feeds their creativity through the freedom of lectures and presentations.

3. Architect

Architects take the bones of construction projects and create incredible structures. They frequently draw up beautiful plans for both new and existing buildings. Because INTPs are surely gifted with the precise and creative planning required of every strong architect, this is the perfect position to consider.

4. Computer Programmer

Every device we use requires some kind of software development. A lot of us get stumped with such little details, but INTPs have the capability to code the programs that help electronics run. They even enjoy making them! INTPs, with their detail-oriented work ethic, are perfect candidates for this role.

5. Systems Analyst

Systems analyst is another technology-related role made for INTPs. However, as opposed to creating programs, systems analysts study computer systems to improve operations and efficiency. They help organizations move more smoothly through the technology they use by working on the nitty-gritty.

6. Mathematician

Not everyone is great with numbers, but INTPs can make it their job. Becoming a mathematician requires applying formulas and theories to business, engineering, science, and other fields. By doing so, mathematicians can create new rules, decide what theories no longer hold, and advance math as a whole. 

This profession allows INTPs to utilize their top skills- precision and logical thinking.

7. Scientist

Science goes hand-in-hand with math, so it makes sense that INTPs make impressive scientists. From hypothesizing and experimenting to drawing conclusions, scientists go through careful and thorough processes to help understand the world around us. 

INTPs naturally fit into this vital role because they’d thrive with tireless research and fieldwork.

8. Lab Technician

This job is not to be confused with a scientist, which involves work in and out of the lab. Lab technicians are more similar to computer systems analysts — they are professionals who perform tests using the technology available to them. Then, they study the data. 

Usually, this role has a defined workflow and may not be as independent as the others on this list. However, INTPs love this hands-on opportunity to gather and analyze data.

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