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The Myers-Briggs personality test is a tried-and-true way to find out more about ourselves. Four letters define how we interact with the world, absorb information, make decisions, and organize.

Of course, our personality types carry over into our careers. Though we can ultimately work wherever we want, there are certain roles we thrive in based on our personalities.

If you haven’t taken the Myers-Briggs test yet, 16 Personalities has a free one. You can find out more about the letters on the official Myers-Briggs Foundation site.

Once you figure out your type, read on to learn about who you are and what jobs you may be destined for!


You are excellent at managing others and make good decisions swiftly. Those close to you probably refer to you as headstrong. You are most equipped to be a General Manager, Operations Manager, or Sales Lead.


Under pressure? No sweat. In fact, you have a knack for handling crises and you actually find the challenges exciting. Look into becoming a Publicist, Business Development Associate, or Security Guard.


As a natural leader, you are confident and authoritative. ENTJs are the textbook definition of boss and are suited for roles where they can utilize their efficiency and top-notch organizational skills.

Examples of possible jobs include General Manager, Lawyer, or Market Research Analyst.


ENTPs are creative and daring folks. If you fit into this type, you love a good debate and aren’t afraid to take risks. That’s why you should consider running for public office, becoming a reporter or working as an entrepreneur.


Though you may be quiet, your commitment to your career, and basically everything you do, speaks volumes. You love stability and the feeling that others can trust you.

ISTJs do well as IT Administrators, Accountants, and Office Manager positions — sticking behind-the-scenes while doing incredibly vital work.


You are truly a jack-of-all-trades! You know tools inside and out and you’re not afraid to use them. When it’s time to learn something new, you adapt in the blink of an eye.

You would be a wonderful Mechanic, Hardware Engineer, or Graphic Designer.


If you’re an INTJ, you are of a rare breed. This personality type consists of only 0.8% of the human population.

You’re as practical as you are clever, and also innovative. You should be a Software Developer, Financial Advisor, or Technical Writer.


You’re a wise one, INTP, and you never stop learning. You have a fiercely independent spirit and are considered to be one of the most logical personality types in the Myers-Brigg matrix.

You’d excel in roles that encourage you to utilize your intellect. Job possibilities include College Professor, Computer Programmer, and Architect.


You charmer, you! In high school, we bet you were probably the class president — and won in a landslide thanks to your campaign.

However, your dazzling personality isn’t just for show; you truly care for people. That’s why ESFJs make the best Nurses, Caretakers, and Aestheticians.

10. ESFP

When people hear “life of the party,” they think of you. You love the spotlight and dazzle everyone with your wit and enthusiasm. You’re even known to have a signature karaoke song or two.

You would be a fabulous Bartender, Front Desk Associate, or Customer Service Rep.

11. ENFJ

Your friends describe you as inspiring and articulate. They’d also tell you that you can be a world leader one day.

For now, your dazzling social skills would best suit a position in HR, K-12 teaching, or event planning.

12. ENFP

You’re very open-minded and don’t like feeling boxed in. You want to be remembered as a free spirit and for fostering special connections with other people. You would probably work best in roles that allow you to travel.

Good ideas include becoming a Landscaper, Flight Attendant, or Brand Ambassador.

13. ISFJ

People of this personality type are humble and kind. They are committed to providing services for others.

However, they prefer to stay behind-the-scenes rather than seek out people-facing roles. Think of Executive Assistants, Bookkeepers, and Librarians.

14. ISFP

As an ISFP, you are sensitive to others’ needs and are passionate about your work. You crave flexibility and love to communicate.

Some potential career paths include becoming a Photographer, Interior Designer, or Yoga Instructor.

15. INFJ

INFJs are idealists and tireless fighters for causes they believe in. INFJs are also very service-oriented because they foster meaningful connections with others. They make the best Counselors, Writers, and Physicians.

16. INFP

INFPs take pride in their individualism and are driven by their values. They are do-gooders who seek to make the world a better place through imagination and action.

You will definitely find INFPs as Psychologists, Social Workers, and Artists.

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