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Part-time jobs aren’t just for college students. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income (especially if you're living in one of the most expensive cities in the country) or just earn some extra vacation or beer money, sometimes a little extra cash goes a long way.

Be sure to keep these things in mind when picking up a second job:

  • Consider the time commitment: Picking up another 40 hours a week isn’t realistic. Think about your regular work hours, your hobbies, and how you like to spend time after work and on the weekends.

    Then, consider how additional work will affect your time and whether or not you can manage a second job.

  • Find something that matches your interests: A second job will be less of a burden if it’s something that is fun or interesting. If you like kids, find a babysitting gig. Of course, finding a “fun” second job isn’t always possible.

    Instead, you might want to look for something that’s totally different than your full-time job. Then, it’ll feel like you’re mixing up your routine a little.

  • Consider something flexible: Finding a second job that you can work around your schedule is key. Likely you want to work some weekends and some nights, but not every weekend and not every night. 

1. Tour Guide

If you don’t get to interact with people much during the week, spend your weekends surrounded by them as a tour guide. Most guide work occurs on the weekend when visitors are in town. 

Pick up a gig as a tour guide in your local city. It’s important to have strong communication skills, be outgoing, be organized, and have a passion for your city. 

An especially fun option is working as a food tour guide. You get to take people around and eat with them! You can also work on tour buses, river cruises, walking tours, or even haunted historical sites.

2. Babysitter

If you love hanging out with kids, one of the best second jobs is babysitting or nannying. Sites like Urban Sitter, Sittercity, and are good ways to find local families who need some help. 

Once you find a family, it’s usually easy to find more opportunities through word of mouth. Rates depend on the city and neighborhood but can be as high as $25 per hour in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Also great is the flexibility that comes along with babysitting. Some of the most popular times are weekend evenings.

3. Freelance Writing

One of the best parts about writing is that you can do it on your own time and in your own home. It’s hard to beat the flexibility of freelance writing. 

From blogs to copywriting to social media, there are a lot of writing opportunities available. You’ll have to have some clips to find jobs initially, and as you acquire more work and create more clips, it will be easier to find work. 

Search for work on sites like  CloudPeeps, BlogMutt, or MediaBistro.

4. Rideshare Driver

Love to meet people and drive? Join rideshare services like Lyft and Uber and you’ll be able to create your own schedule and earn extra cash. 

You can drive before or after work and on weekends. You could even drive on your lunch break. Expect some car, insurance, and background check prerequisites.

5. Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Since weddings usually occur on the weekend, picking up some gigs as a wedding photographer or videographer will likely work with a typical work schedule. 

After work during the week, you can edit your photos, meet with clients, and do all the pre and post shoot work.

6. Server or Bartender

Working as a restaurant server or bartender is a classic second job. The hours are flexible, nights and weekends are most in demand, and you’ll experience the joy of tips.

7. Logo Designer

If you have graphic design skills, do some logo design in your spare time. Individuals working on projects, startups, and clients that don’t have in-house designers are often looking for a logo designer. 

Sites like Fiverr and 99 Designs are great places to find initial clients.

8. Translator

If you speak multiple languages, your skills are in demand as a translator. You may translate articles, instructions, books, curriculum, movie scripts, legal documents, and more. 

You can do all of this from home, which makes it easy to be flexible.

9. Data Entry

This job isn’t creative or glamorous, but if you’re patient and can type quickly, then you’ll find data entry pretty straightforward. 

You’ll be given information to transfer into a document per the client’s wishes.

10. Tutor

If you’re a whiz at math or didn’t find the SAT painful, you should look into working as a tutor. You can help students master their skills after school and on weekends, and even through video chat. 

You’ll be able to find clients in a variety of locations instead of solely in your neighborhood. Advertise your skills on your own or use existing companies like Preply or Localwise to start out.

11. Yoga Instructor

“Namaste” in your extra time. Go teach at a studio or at home. If you have a yoga room or studio space in your house, put it to use! 

Yoga classes can occur early in the morning so you can teach before heading to your 9-5, or hold a late night or weekend class.

12. Personal Trainer

Help clients gain strength and reach their health goals. There are various opportunities for fitness jobs at your local gym and community center. 

Get up early to train the gym goers who get an early start. Or offer weekend sessions for other people with full-time jobs.

13. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Hang out with pets while making extra cash. You can get your steps in and spend time outside as a dog walker, or hang with them at home as a pet sitter.

 Sites like Wag help connect walkers and pets in the same area. You can also share your information at dog parks, veterinarian's offices, and with fliers around the block.  

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