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If you're looking for a full-time job, turning 18 comes with a myriad of opportunities. From dog walking to office work, there's a full-time job for anyone and everyone, even those with little-to-no experience! Check out these 18 awesome jobs to consider if you plan on working full-time:

Small Business Jobs

1. Dog Walker

This is a perfect job for an animal lover and an excellent way to get active, too. You’ll need to be in good shape, able to handle a few aggressive canines and manage multiple dogs all at once. Oh, and there’s the picking-up-poop part of the job. But if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and your feet tired, the companionship is worth it.

2. Front Desk Clerk

The person working the front desk at any establishment is the most important person a client sees (or second-most important, next to whoever the client is there to see). They set the tone for the visit by being present, pleasant, and helpful.

Aside from greeting and assisting visitors, you’ll need to answer phones, help with scheduling, and take on administrative duties. Check out your local salons, fitness studios, and offices for these roles.

3. Youth Sports Coach

If you like sports and working with children, this role is a double whammy for you. You can be your enthusiastic self while teaching kids valuable motor skills and teamwork. Check in with your local parks and recreation department and schools to see how you can contribute your energy and expertise.

4. Lawn Care Technician

Mowing lawns, pulling weeds, trimming trees, watering plants — you name it. Tending to yards can be physically demanding, but it always needs to be done. Plus, if you work in the field long enough, you can be promoted to a crew leader.

5. Bank Teller

If you’re efficient at counting cash and comfortable handling large amounts of money, you can rake in some cash of your own as a bank teller. These entry-level jobs usually only require a high school diploma. Cha-ching!

6. Photographer

Your local photo studios may be looking for photographers who can assist with posing subjects (or simply getting them to smile) and taking pictures. If you have a knack for making babies laugh and can work a camera, that’s where you come in. 

Photography jobs aren’t just limited to studios — you can inquire with your local sports venues or amusement parks to see if they need photographers for souvenir pics.

7. Caregiver

Taking on a caregiver role is especially great if you aspire to work in the nursing field. However, for now, all you need is a desire to provide care and companionship to seniors and people in need. Jobs may be in a hospice facility or patients’ homes. It is usually preferred that you have your own vehicle as you may need to transfer patients to and from their medical appointments and for errands.

Retail Jobs

8. Key Holder

Are you a morning person? Are you a night-owl? Well, you may be a perfect key holder for a store! Key holders are in charge of opening up shop and closing up. They also may take on some managerial responsibilities. 

This role is ideal if you already have experience in retail and boast excellent customer service skills, as well as experience managing a team.

9. Fashion Stylist

Styling assistance is always in-demand for weddings, proms, birthday parties, and other special events. If you love fashion and enjoy helping others feel their best, you can be a stylist. You can research any fashion start-ups in your area for openings, and look into specialty shops like bridal boutiques. 

Office Jobs

10. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant positions are somewhat similar to front desk jobs, except you might not be stationed at the front desk. You may still have to communicate with clients and visitors, but your main duties will likely consist of providing internal support to staff. 

You may also run various errands, do some light housekeeping around the office, such as filing and copying. These jobs look great on a resume as they can be very well-rounded and versatile.

11. Accounts Payable Clerk

Enjoy working with numbers? Prefer an office environment over a bank? Becoming an Accounts Payable Clerk is your solution. In this role, you’ll be processing, reconciling, and paying out invoices. Be prepared to deal with a lot of spreadsheets.

12. Marketing Assistant

Marketing takes on many forms these days: an ad in a magazine, a Twitter campaign, an Instagram post. It sounds too good to be true to post on social media for a living, but you can! However, you have to take it seriously and truly understand how to be an extension of the brand you are working for. 

It helps to be a social media junkie, but it’s most important to come up with creative solutions for any marketing role. If that sounds like you, go for it!

Food Service Jobs

13. Host/Hostess

This is pretty much a front desk role but in a restaurant. You’ll be responsible for greeting people, seating patrons, and taking reservations. Like a front desk clerk, you’ll need to be present, pleasant, and helpful.

14. Barista

Coffee fuels the working world and baristas help get the day started. After all, they’re the ones making our cups of joe. Being a barista is a great way to get involved in the service industry and you’ll make people’s days just by making their coffee. Plus, you may get to try your hand at creating some pretty latte art!

15. Cook

If your family and friends compliment you on the signature chicken parmesan you enjoy making from scratch, why not turn that into a paying job? See how you can share your culinary skills with a local restaurant and make even more people happy with your cooking.

16. Caterer

As a caterer, you’ll help provide the food, beverages, and amazing service at some pretty cool events. You’ll make sure everything is clean, presentable, and that the food line is running smoothly. 

Although you’ll have to maintain professionalism (as you’ll need to with any job), it can be very exciting to work a big party or wedding.

Transportation Jobs

17. Parking Attendant

Parking is a drag for most people, but if you enjoy driving, people will pay you to park their cars. Parking attendants are needed at hotels, restaurants, and public parking garages. You may even end up parking the nice car you’ve always wanted to drive, and that’s something to write home about!

18. Delivery Driver

In this evolving on-demand world, drivers are needed more than ever. Whether it’s a hot pizza, package, or groceries, people need their stuff when they expect it. That’s where delivery drivers come in — they transport goods quickly and easily. If you love to drive and have a clean driving record, this may be an ideal role for you. 

At most, a basic driver’s license should be fine, but if you need to operate a specialized vehicle, you may need an additional license. Check each individual job description and look into your state’s requirements for obtaining the proper license.

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