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25 is a great age and a pivotal number. It can be both exciting and a bit scary to realize you are a quarter of a century old!

We’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best jobs for 25-year-olds. Not only are we sharing some of the best-paying jobs, but also jobs that we believe to be fun and valuable. Check out our picks and go for your dream!

1. Copy Editor

If you’re the first to spot a typo in an article or even a Tweet, copy editing is for you. This job is applicable not just for print and online media, but marketing materials as well.

Copy editors are extremely detail-oriented and know their “you’re” from “your." If you majored in English, journalism, or communications plus enjoyed every minute of it, this role matches up well with what you learned in school.

2. Administrative Assistant

Admin jobs are excellent for anyone who’s organized and great with people. You may not necessarily be in a front desk role, but you will interface with co-workers, visitors, and vendors. 

Some of your daily tasks may be repetitive (think: fetching the mail and routing phone calls), but you may also be in charge of completing ad hoc projects. You’ll need to be up for anything and stay calm under pressure.

3. Baker

Maybe you already spend hours in the kitchen perfecting your favorite cookie or cake recipe. Why not turn that into a paycheck? Check out restaurants and bakeries for any openings that will satisfy your taste for making sweet treats. 

Some companies with in-house kitchen staff may also be looking for bakers. Food is always in-demand, and who doesn’t love a little bit of dessert? Welcome to the start of your culinary career!

4. Bartender

Drinks are just as in-demand as food! There are tons of avenues to pursue as a bartender — restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and events. Though having a certification helps, most of your training is on the job. The best bartenders work quickly and are attentive, careful, and friendly. Perks include good tips and meeting a lot of interesting people.

5. Construction Laborer

If you’re strong and able-bodied, working on construction projects may be your calling. Construction laborers are in charge of operating machinery, hauling materials and equipment, and laying the groundwork for buildings. You may work some unconventional hours and work will be physically demanding, but it is rewarding.

6. Accountant

If you aren’t intimidated by numbers (And actually love crunching them), accounting may be for you. Almost every company needs someone to keep their finances in order. Be prepared for lots of checks, spreadsheets, formulas, and of course, digits.

7. Dental Hygienist

Maybe you're an aspiring dentist, or perhaps you’re interested in dentistry but don’t have an interest in extra schooling. You can become a dental hygienist or assistant! In this role, you provide basic cleaning for patients and look out for issues to bring to the dentist's attention. 

Generally, you need an Associate’s Degree to become a hygienist. However, you’ll likely need a license to practice, so check in with your local and state requirements for more details.

8. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Help the world get around! The title says it all, but you could be working on more than just elevators: You might also lend your talents to escalators, lifts, and moving walkways. This is a laborious gig for a handy person.

9. Engineer

The term engineer is so ambiguous because so many different kinds exist in the workforce. But no matter what kind you are, if you are 25, it’s reasonable to expect some longevity and financial stability. 

Young Invincibles says that the hottest fields for engineers right now include biomedical, nuclear, and petroleum. So if you’re science-oriented and want to solve tangible problems, become an engineer!

10. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts look at investment trends and study the overall state of the financial market. From their research, they help businesses and individuals make sound decisions with their cash. Basically, you’d be making money by looking at other people’s money!

11. Hair Stylist

Do your friends and family come to you for hair advice? Do you always have the urge to play with a stranger’s luscious long locks? You may find some success as a professional hair stylist. This job requires a license, so look into local and state regulations. Choose to specialize in cuts, color, styling, or do it all!

12. Makeup Artist

Likewise, if your friends ask you to do their makeup, charge them. Just kidding! But do look into how you can do makeup professionally at salons, beauty stores, or for events. Beauty is a big niche for millennials thanks to tutorial videos and startups like ipsy. Might as well cash in!

13. Marketing Manager

Social media is another booming industry - thanks to millennials. If you feel particularly knowledgeable about Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other networks (and can help brands utilize them professionally), you can bring that know-how into a marketing manager role. 

Not only would you get to be creative and maintain a brand voice, but you’d also utilize analytics in your content planning. Keep in mind that marketing roles apply to offline marketing as well!

14. Medical Assistant

Assisting a doctor is currently the best job for 25-year-olds. According to Time, you can expect to see 38 percent job growth in this occupation by 2022. 

When you go to a doctor, you are usually first seen by an assistant who takes your vital signs, asks you questions, and assists your physician during the actual appointment. That assistant could be you! If you love helping people and are interested in medicine, there’s no better time to become a medical assistant.

15. Merchandise Coordinator

Imagine being the first person to see what your favorite store will sell next: that’s what merchandise coordinators do. Overall, these are the people that display and price products. They also communicate reports about supply. This is an excellent way to be at the forefront of the retail industry.

16. Non-Profit Charity Fundraiser

If there’s a social cause you’re passionate about, look into becoming a fundraiser for a charity. Duties would include communicating with sponsors and vendors, event planning, and possibly grant writing. Bring people together, have fun, and support causes you care about-— there’s your dream job!

17. Nutritionist

You enjoyed studying the food pyramid in elementary school and then learning about gluten and good and bad fats in college. You can apply that knowledge to help others eat better. Nutritionists work in hospitals, clinics, care facilities, even at gyms. 

Whether you’re helping someone find alternatives due to food allergies or add more vitamins to their diets, you would strengthen the bridge between people and food.

18. Online User Operations Specialist

Build on customer service from your early work days and provide online support to users. E-commerce, banking, message boards, you name it — we all need help navigating the services we use, and sometimes getting in touch with someone online is the best way to get help. Other than support, you might also be involved in content moderation and general site cleanup.

19. Personal Trainer

Trainers assist people in meeting their fitness goals — everything from building endurance to sculpting muscles. One-on-one attention is valuable, especially to people who feel more sensitive about exercise. 

As a personal trainer, you would get to know more about people and help them achieve their goals. You’d provide personalized workout routines and support for your clients all the way through.

20. Pharmacist

Pharmacists specialize in dispensing medications that physicians prescribe for their patients. They also provide patients with general health information and may administer immunizations. Although your doctor knows what medications will work best for you, pharmacists are a great resource for general information about pharmaceuticals.

21. Public Relations Specialist

If you’re a master of language and aren’t shy around strangers, you might consider PR. Public relations specialists are responsible for maintaining relationships with the press, as well as maintaining an impressive public image for a person or company. 

If you choose this career path, you must prepare for crisis management (i.e. There are about 10 different stories across 10 outlets about a bad business deal involving your company, and you have to help address those stories). However, if you’ve ever covered for a friend during your guys’ rebel phase, you should have no problem in that department.

22. Software Developer

Computers make our world go ‘round — and you can help develop their programs! If you know how to code, this is the route to take. You’d be responsible for design, maintenance, installation, and testing of programs. 

Software is an important tool for helping businesses and people be more productive and efficient. This role gives you the opportunity to make a huge impact.

23. Therapist

Some people need professionals to help them get active again after a traumatic injury or surgery — that’s where physical therapists come in. There are also therapists that help ease mental health issues. 

Both types are essential in maintaining people’s health and well-being, and often require a decent amount of schooling. Check out programs at your local college or university!

24. Teacher

Whether you want to teach across subjects at an elementary school or specialize at a higher grade level, this role can be a tall order. You’ll play a major part in shaping the minds of our youths. That said, the rewards are satisfying. 

Additionally, you can become a teacher in adult education and work with people closer to your age.

25. Web Designer

Building a website may seem easy, but it takes talent. Web design is a high-growth industry and everyone needs an online presence these days. So, some folks would prefer that someone else does the dirty work.

If you’d like to make this job a long-term one, you’ll need a varied skill set in HTML, design, and content creation. It’s all about making businesses and people look good.

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