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If you’re looking for mission-driven work, working at a nonprofit could be a great fit. You may be familiar with large nonprofits such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Red Cross, and the YMCA, but there plenty of other nonprofits that focus on making a difference.

These 9 jobs are great introductions to the kind of employment available, but are just a few possibilities of many. Try sites like Localwise or Idealist for a variety of nonprofit opportunities near you. But before you start applying, be sure to check out these essential tips on how to land a nonprofit job!

1. Volunteer Manager

Volunteer Managers help coordinate the volunteers that nonprofits often need to support their organization. If you like working with people and onboarding them into an organization, this is a suitable role for you. 

The Volunteer Manager is involved in processes like recruitment and management. There will also be crossover with event coordinating, fundraising, or any other task that requires volunteer support.

2. Fundraising Manager/Development Director

A big part of nonprofit life is supporting the goals of the organization, as well as raising money to keep the mission going. The Fundraising Manager is in charge of finding the best practices for fundraising and implementing these by helping create donation targets and goals. 

Fundraising may happen through galas, phone drives, or via larger organizations with the funds to donate to a nonprofit. Event planning and volunteer management are often a part of this role.

3. Executive Director

The Executive Director is the head honcho. They report to the nonprofit's Board of Directors and is in charge of big picture strategy and operations for the nonprofit.

Think of the executive director as the CEO – he or she has to create a business plan and ensure that the organization is running smoothly by overseeing all the programs, staff, and fundraisers. Many Executive Directors have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and years of experience with managing and developing organizations.

4. Community Outreach Coordinator/Community Relations Coordinator

This is a public-facing role involving lots of interaction with — you guessed it — the community. The Community Coordinator ensures that the public is aware of the mission and goals of the nonprofit and tries to find passionate community members (and even volunteers) to get involved.

5. Grant Writer

A grant is funding that a nonprofit receives from foundations, the government, or other outside organization. Grant Writers help a nonprofit receive money by writing grant proposals.

A Grant Writer must be completely familiar with all the services that their organization offers and be aware of all financial goals and needs of the organization. This is a time management and deadline-heavy job, as grants tend to have specific structures and strict deadlines. Heavy research experience and organization skills are required.

6. Program Director/Manager

This role is in charge of specific programs within a nonprofit. One Program Director might run all of the after-school programs for Big Brother, Big Sister. Another might be in charge of the summer day-camp for the YMCA. The Program Director is in charge of all projects, and potentially the staffing, for their program.

7. Director of Major Gifts

Similar to the Fundraising Director, the Director of Major Gifts works with donations but, instead, with individual donors who make larger donations. These donations range between $100,000 and $1,000,000+. 

The role of this job is to retain strong relationships with these donors and cultivate new relationships with potential large-scale donors in order to grow the nonprofit.

8. Information Technology

Nonprofits have tech needs, too. If you’re a computer whiz, you can put your skills to use. You’ll help fix and maintain a nonprofit’s computers, phone lines, website, and any other technological needs. 

An IT job might not feel like the most direct way to support a company’s mission, but keeping a nonprofit running smoothly is essential to keeping the entire operation going.

9. Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator is in charge of planning events, which may include fundraisers, appreciation and community events, or events for recipients of the nonprofit’s mission. 

As a Special Events Coordinator, you will work closely with the Fundraising Director and the Volunteer Manager to create goals and help staff events. They are responsible for obtaining sponsors for events and promoting said events.

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