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Looking to increase your job applicants for free? Here is a trick: place a link to your Localwise Business Profile on your website.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to your Localwise Business Profile page

  2. Copy the URL

  3. Add your Localwise Business Profile link to your website

  4. Pick an informative text to hyperlink. A few examples:
  • We hire local employees on Localwise!
  • Job openings on Localwise
  • Apply now on Localwise!

For even more inspiration, check out Blue Dog's link to their Business Profile on their website below. With a simple "Apply Now!" button linking directly to their Localwise Business Profile, active job seekers are sent to all current and past job openings. Blue Dog has already gained over 700 followers!

Why link?

Links drive traffic to your Localwise Business Profile page. Once a user is on your profile, the main action to take is to “Follow” your business. Localwise followers creates a group of people who are automatically notified every time you post a job. This spreads the word about your jobs automatically, for free!

What else is on my profile?

Your Localwise Business profile also allows you to tell the story behind your business. Prospective team members can learn more about your business, visit your social media pages, and review your past job openings. The more you share, the more likely prospective team members are to follow your business.

Wait, but does this really work?

Yes! We introduced the Follow feature on Localwise a couple months ago and some businesses have nearly 2,000 followers already! Think about that... every time this business posts a job, 2,000 people are notified for free!

We encourage you to take advantage of this free source of applicants. As always, we are standing by to help should you have any questions. Feel free to email us at any time via email at

- Team Localwise

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Receive jobs in your inbox

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