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The job search is tough, no question about it. When you’re looking for a job and feel like you have no experience, it can feel impossible. But keep your chin up, we’re here to help! 

Whether you’re fresh out of college, recently graduated from high school, interested in changing careers, or just looking to build work experience, getting a job with no experience is possible! Ranging from professional services to drivers, with enough hard work and dedication, you can find the job you’re looking for. Here are 25 to get you inspired, but find plenty more at

Administrative/Office Jobs

Pro tip: Apply for these jobs if you are highly organized, detail-oriented, and don’t mind the office environment.

1. Human Resources Assistant

HR Assistants keep track of all of the information related to a company’s employees. Working under the Human Resources Manager, you will also help with other activities concerning a company and employee relations. Customer service and secretarial skills will help you succeed in this job, but they are not required. One major perk is the opportunity for advancement within the company.

2. Library Technician

Even with the rise of the Internet and digital books, our libraries are still going strong. Library Technicians help organize and shelve books, order new titles, and assist people in finding the book they want. Strong computer skills are a must for this position. Stop by your local library to inquire about open positions!

3. Administrative Assistant

These are the people who work at the front desk in office settings. Responsibilities include greeting visitors, answering the main phone, correspondence, managing files, and scheduling appointments. This will vary based on the company but expect to be highly organized and work efficiently for success.

4. Legal Assistant

You read this right — working in the legal field is possible without experience. Legal Administrative Assistants are key players in running a successful office. Responsibilities include keeping case files organized, preparing legal documents, managing schedules, and drafting correspondence. 

If you want to ensure your ability to perform this job well, take a short program to learn more about the procedures.

5. Veterinary Assistant

Animal lovers rejoice! These assistants primarily take care of the front office responsibilities but help the veterinarian and other staff as needed, too. This is a great way to get your foot in the door if advancing your work in the veterinary field interests you.

6. Medical Assistant

This is a great opportunity for someone interested in medical school or training. Get the chance to assist in minor medical duties and procedures while handling bookkeeping, record-keeping, and administrative tasks. The starting pay is great as well!

Driving Jobs

Pro tip: Make sure you have a clean driver’s license and a reliable car before you start applying for driving jobs.

7. Delivery Driver

If you’re looking for a job on the move, become a Delivery Driver! These jobs offer scheduling flexibility, plenty of movement, and the chance for tips if you’re good to your customers. Be prepared to have patience and work in a fast-paced environment. Do this and you'll (hopefully) avoid unhappy customers.

8. School Bus Driver

Those of you who love kids and don’t mind a bit of chaos will succeed as a School Bus Driver. Be prepared for some early mornings and be sure you can focus while driving with a noisy background. The perks include fewer work hours & holidays and days off that align with the school’s schedule. Many of these positions also come with benefits!

9. Commercial Truck Driver

Commercial truck driving requires some training and a license to drive big trucks, but most trucking companies will pay for it. So if you love road trips and are willing to participate in a medical exam or background check, this is the job for you! You can also expect good pay and benefits.

10. Ridesharing Driver

Ridesharing apps are the way of the future! Become a Driver for a company like Uber or Lyft if you are a skilled conversationalist and don’t mind spending your days on the road. Unlike taxis, no specific license requirements are necessary.

Professional Service Jobs

Pro-tip: Most of these jobs involve some sort of physical labor, so think about your personal ability to perform these tasks before you apply! Many of the job postings will designate certain physical requirements as well.

11. Garbage Collector

Calling all early birds who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty! Working as a Garbage Collector isn’t the most glamorous job, but getting holidays off, receiving benefits, and ensuring daily exercise may outweigh the cons of the job. Be sure you can drive a garbage truck and lift heavy items before applying.

You will need to wake up before the crack of dawn to start your work day, but you get most holidays off, receive good (often union) benefits, and you get to exercise on the job when you work as a garbage collector.

12. Oil Field Worker

The oil industry is always looking for people to join their teams. With such few job requirements, these are great positions for people who are looking to work outside and travel the world. You will receive the relevant job training needed, as well as decent pay and benefits.

13. Cable TV Installer

No previous experience is required to be employed as a Cable TV and Internet Installer. Plus, they can make fairly decent salaries. Since you are often required to enter into people’s homes while on the job, friendly and cheerful people excel in this position.

14. Gardener/Landscaper

If you love the outdoors and also happen to have a green thumb, consider a career as a Gardener or Landscaper. These jobs require the willingness to learn about all of the different components that go into a successful business. You will learn about things like tools, techniques, pest management, and design. If you wish to advance your experience in this industry, there are landscaping programs that will help you further develop your skills.

15. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers relay course, timing, and altitude information to pilots in order to keep the air traffic flow safe. These positions are great for people who can communicate clearly, make decisions quickly, and can concentrate clearly despite their surroundings. If you can handle the stress, this is one of the most well-paying jobs on the list.

Food & Drink Jobs

Pro tip: Choose a job that complements your personality type. "Front of House" is great for those who enjoy socializing; "Back of House" is perfect for those who prefer working behind the scenes, but still in the hustle of the service industry. 

16. Server

You may have to start out as a host/hostess, but working your way up in the foodservice industry can be rewarding! If you can stay on your feet for hours at a time and handle stress with a smile, apply to be a Server at your favorite restaurant. Perks include tips, free meals after shifts, and flexible scheduling.

17. Cook

Many of the most successful chefs in the world started out as entry-level cooks. If you are passionate about creating delicious food but cannot go to cooking school, apply to be an entry-level Cook at a restaurant. You’ll get to practice your cooking skills while earning money — a win-win!

18. Bartender

Although attending bartending school is helpful, it is not required to become a bartender. Be prepared for fast-paced shifts, dealing with an array of people on a daily basis, and monitoring the alcohol levels of your customers. Perks include fun environments, plenty of people to talk to, and the chance to learn fun bartending tricks!

Other Jobs

Pro tip: Take some time to think about your strengths and unique skillsets. Chase after the jobs that complement your natural talent!

19. Bill Collector

The bill collecting industry is currently growing, so apply now while there are still plenty of jobs available! This will require strong communication skills over the phone and stellar customer service skills. If you can navigate uncomfortable and hard situations well, this might be a job for you to consider.

20. Sales Representative

If you are highly self-motivated with keen persuasion skills, consider a job in sales. Most businesses need Sales Representatives, making this a diverse and flexible option. Perks include traveling, commission-based salaries, and room for advancement.

21. Real Estate Broker

This position requires a 60-hour course, but provides you with the chance to earn plenty of money. If you can build strong relationships quickly and have an engaging personality, this is the job for you! Be prepared to work hard for a couple of years to build your business and network.

22. Table Games Dealer

Move to a place where gaming is legal in order to work as a Table Games Dealer. Look for the casinos that provide card dealing training if you're unfamiliar with it. You will need great customer service skills, strong mathematical skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail. Perks include a fun and unique work environment and a cool work outfit!

23. Police Officer

The policing field is rewarding but difficult. Once you pass a background, drug, and polygraph test, you can move on to the police academy for training. This job can be hard on relationships, but it also offers a unique working schedule and the chance to serve your community in a meaningful way.

24. Security Guard

Working as a Security Guard provides an array of possibilities. You can patrol locations like the mall, work as a protective sentry for an embassy, secure cash transportation, or work as a homeland security member at the airport, just to name a few! Requirements can include passing a drug test, possessing a clean criminal record, and obtaining a firearms license.

25. Home Aide Supervisor

If you are compassionate, patient, emotionally stable and cheerful, consider applying to be a Home Aide Supervisor. They monitor the quality of care given by aides to home patients. Responsibilities include orienting, training, and assigning work to new Health Aides, documenting patient status, and developing care plans. Training is provided on the job. 

Keep in mind, these jobs can be physically demanding, but the chance to help people in need is deeply rewarding!

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