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It’s normal for college graduates to feel intimidated as they enter the "real world". Luckily entry-level jobs provide a great stepping stone toward future careers, even with little experience.

These 13 entry-level jobs for recent graduates include jobs that encompass a variety of interests and skills and don’t require much previous experience, which is perfect for new grads.

Administrative Jobs

1. Office Manager

The Office Manager does whatever it takes to keep the office organized, including updating and coordinating schedules, communicating with different people and departments, greeting visitors, planning events, and administrative tasks. 

While experience managing an office isn’t necessarily needed, you should be organized, able to multitask, friendly, and a strong communicator, The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys detailed administrative tasks.

  • Potential for growth: Office Managers gain the skills to transition into Project Managers, Operations Leads, and Event Planners.

2. Executive Assistant

Supporting the executive of a company is a great way to pick up marketable skills without having a lot of initial experience. This role is tasked with helping an executive stay organized and moving forward by managing schedules, entering data, filing, booking travel, and editing presentations and documents. 

You should have knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, be organized and able to multitask, be a strong communicator, and have strong attention to detail. You must also be reliable as an executive needs to get things done under tight deadlines.

  • Potential for growth: Being a right hand (wo)man to the person at the top is a great way to learn about all aspects of a company. The skills learned as an Executive Assistant can be applied to roles such as office managers, project managers, and operations leads.

Customer Service Jobs

3. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives interact with customers via the phone, email, or a website messenger. They help solve problems, educate customers, and be an advocate for them to the company. It is their job to keep customers happy to ensure they are repeat users. 

Customer service jobs usually don’t require much experience but do require patience, empathy, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and knowledge about a company or product.

  • Potential for growth: Since you will have a grasp on what customers want, there is the opportunity to go into marketing. Problem-solving skills transition well into operations roles as well.

Marketing Jobs

4. Social Media Marketing Assistant

If you enjoy spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, turn that passion into a role as a social media marketer. A passion for and knowledge of social media channels is most of the experience you’ll need for an entry-level position as a Social Media Marketing Assistant. 

You’ll support the marketing team with social media content creation, planning and posting on company social media channels, and planning and strategize content calendars.

  • Potential for growth: You’ll learn a lot about marketing and can grow within the marketing department. You’ll also learn the skills to become a Social Media Manager.

5. Content Writer/Blogger

If you have writing experience and a passion for content creation, blogging is a great entryway into more writing jobs. You’ll deliver a company’s message through short and long form writing. You’ll also work with influencers and guest bloggers to get your company’s message onto other outlets.

  • Potential for growth: Gaining writing experience is a great prerequisite to move up in the marketing department. 

6. Marketing Assistant

Help the marketing team test out different marketing strategies with A/B testing, tweaking of copy or layout, and more. In addition to helping design company collateral, you’ll participate in a lot of data analysis to make campaigns better and see why past campaigns were successful or not.

  • Potential for growth: Once you make your way onto the marketing team and gain experience, you’ll find opportunities down the road that include Marketing Manager or Head of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, or Growth Hacker.

7. Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador is a great way to get your foot in the door. Expect to attend a lot of events to represent and promote your company's product. Food startups often have brand ambassadors do tastings in grocery stores. Other startups introduce their products with demonstrations by brand ambassadors at festivals, conferences, and other events. 

You won’t need experience with a product previously to working as a brand ambassador, but you should be outgoing, have the stamina for long events, be willing to repeat yourself, and be okay working weekends

  • Potential for growth: The skills learned as a brand ambassador are great prerequisites to the marketing and sales roles. There’s also an opportunity to help with event planning, once you've gotten the "lay of the land" — so to speak.

Entry-Level Startup & Tech Jobs

8. Graphic Design Assistant

If you have studied graphic design in college, you’ll likely start as a graphic design assistant before being promoted to a lead graphic designer. You’ll assist the graphic designers on projects and creates designs for the company’s needs including websites, marketing materials, and logos.

  • Potential for growth: Learning from the head designers will prepare you to be a Lead Graphic Designer, Head of Design, or grow in the branding and art departments. 

Sales Jobs

9. Sales Associate

Do you get you get excited about setting and reaching goals? Are you aggressive when it comes to meeting those goals? An entry-level sales job could be a great fit. 

Any company that has a product needs salespeople, so this is a common entry-level job. You’ll communicate with current users as well as prospective customers and clients. Expect to generate leads, reach out to potential users, turn leads into sales, and close deals by phone, in person, or by email.

  • Potential for growth: Sales success will help you move up quickly in the sales department, and give you the opportunity to earn commission. Growth could make you Head of Sales, lead to other opportunities in business development, and even help you reach executive status.

10. Account Coordinator

Account coordinators are found in offices where there are clients, such as public relations and advertising companies. Your role is to assist the Account Services Department to bring new clients to the business and make sure they are happy. You’ll help manage existing relationships and gain new ones.

  • Potential for growth: If you do well, you’ll be on track for promotion to Account Director, Client Service Manager, Account Manager, Senior Account Manager or Executive.

Nonprofit Jobs

11. Program Assistant

This entry-level role works underneath the nonprofit's program director or manager. While employees at nonprofits often wear many hats to keep the organization running, the main responsibility of this job is to assist the Program Director to run a specific program the nonprofit offers. 

You’ll help ensure that the cause or mission of the nonprofit is represented through their program implementation. Expect a lot of administrative work.

  • Potential for growth: You can grow into the Program Manager role or become the Executive Director of the nonprofit.

12. Service Jobs

Many recent graduates look into opportunities to give back to their communities through organizations like Americorps, City Year, FoodCorps, and Service Year. Your job will depend on the organization you work with, but it will be very hands on.

  • Potential for growth: With your boots on the ground, you’ll learn a lot about service work and the nonprofit world. This will set you up for opportunities to work in a nonprofit, the government, law, or education.

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