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Whether you’re paying your way through school or just want some going-out money, every college student could use some extra cash. Luckily, students don’t have to travel far to find work. These 15 part-time jobs on college campuses will make your commute from dorm to work an easy one.

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1. Campus Tour Guide

If you love your school and love to walk (backward), become a campus tour guide. You’ll get in your daily steps and get to interact with prospective students and their families. Being a tour guide provides great public speaking practice—and raise your daily step count.

2. Bookstore Cashier

Hang out at the campus bookstore and help students get stocked up on their textbooks, pennants, and sweatshirts (you might even score a discount!) 

Colleges often hire extra cashiers at the start and end of the semester when students are buying and selling back books, but there is the opportunity for work year-round.

3. Fitness Instructor

Many campus gyms offer Yoga, Zumba, and group fitness classes. If you love to work out and encouraging others to sweat, become a fitness instructor. Check in with your gym about required certifications and training opportunities.

4. Notetaker

If you take great notes, you can make some extra cash by sharing them. Many campuses support students with disabilities who can’t take notes by providing them with notes taken by hired notetakers. Check-in with your Student Disability Resource Center to see if notetakers are needed in any of your classes.

5. Tutor

If you zipped through Organic Chemistry with ease, pass your knowledge onto others who are struggling. Lots of students need assistance and campuses coordinate peer tutoring programs so you don’t have to market yourself. A variety of subjects is always available so check to see which ones you can help with.

6. Alumni Office

You may still be a student, but you can help out with events for graduates. The alumni office plans events, reunions, and takes care of outreach for alumni. If you don’t mind being on the phone, working in the Alumni Call Center could be a good fit.

7. Teaching Assistant

If you’ve impressed your professor and really mastered a class, you can get paid to assist with teaching and grading as a Teaching Assistant. Work on developing a relationship with your professor during the semester so you’ll be a strong candidate after you’ve completed the class.

8. Grader

In giant lecture classes, professors need assistance getting a large volume of assignments graded. It’s monotonous and can be tedious, but it can be an easy job since the professor will provide you an answer key.

9. Mailroom Worker

Sort mail sent to college students and be the welcoming face people see when they pick up their care packages. It’s pretty straightforward and can fulfill any dreams you’ve ever had about being a mail man or woman.

10. Museum Worker

Not every college has a museum, but if yours does, there’s great opportunity for part-time work there. Work as a Greeter or Visitor Experience Representative, sell tickets, or help create exhibits.

11. Lifeguard

Certified lifeguards can guard the pool during the open swim or team swim meets and practices. You can get certified at a local YMCA or Red Cross, or maybe even on campus. Shifts might include mornings for those who like an early workout, or on weekends during meets.

12. Campus Ambassador

A lot of companies are looking for student ambassadors to help market their product to college students. You’ll need to be outgoing and willing to share information about a product to increase its visibility and sales. You’ll likely work events or have a booth on campus to promote products.

13. Research Study Participant

This work isn’t as consistent as other campus work, but there are plenty of gigs if you’re willing to participate in research studies. Check with the Psychology and Neuroscience departments to see if they have any studies coming up. You might also see postings on fliers around campus.

14. Librarian

If you like a quiet setting, find a job in the campus library. You might be stocking books, sorting returns, helping students find research materials, and probably shushing loud visitors. During quiet times, you’ll probably get to do some reading on your own.

15. Research Assistant

Get some real world experience by working on research projects. As a research assistant, you might spend time in the lab or out in the field assisting professors. These jobs are usually well paid and are great experiences to have if you plan on applying to postgraduate programs. 

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