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3x more tech jobs that require no coding ability than there are programmers in the job world. If you’re spending your time looking for the best marketing, sales, or administrative jobs out there — broaden your job search to include startup and tech companies!

You’ll discover a world of opportunities that you’ve never seen before. Most of them simply require creativity, critical thinking, and strong communication skills. Check these out!

1. Sales

Sales require a deep knowledge of the product and how it works—not how the product is made! If you’re a people person who loves to build relationships, try out sales at a startup. Expect to find a fast-paced, cutting edge environment that you can take part in.

2. Marketing

If you’re looking for a job that focuses on communication, you don’t necessarily need tech experience to look in the tech industry. Marketing people can help answer questions that people have about the product by focusing on addressing the audience and their needs. If you are a skilled writer who understands how to communicate a consumer’s needs, you will be an asset to the tech firm.

3. Product Management

If you’re a stellar planner who understands how to interpret the business cycle, check out product management positions. This job requires understanding how users engage with a product and build a roadmap for the product’s success down the line. Look forward to timely planning to release features and product versions. In a nutshell, you make the product look good!

4. Data Analyst

Every thriving business needs a data analyst, including startup companies. In this role, you will constantly review data collected about the product and help the company channel its efforts in the right direction. If you have an eye for research and are passionate about trailblazing, this is the job for you.

5. Human Resources

HR is the point person for hiring the right people for a company. They also ensure that the employees have what they need in order to succeed. If you love researching job candidates and helping create a positive work experience, consider human resources.

6. Business Operations

Calling all number crunchers: this is the job you’ve been waiting for! The Business Operations team dives into the details of a market in order to project whether a project is worthwhile for a company.

7. Customer Success

The Customer Success team ensures that existing customers stay happy. This will require a clear understanding of the product for troubleshooting tactics. If you have a lot of patience and are a skilled communicator, customer success may be up your alley.

8. Finance/Accounting

If you’re a magician with money, join the finance department at a startup. This will require handling the money-related tasks, like billing, in a company. You are likely to hold more responsibility in a company that is just starting out, so if you’re looking for an opportunity, choose a startup company!

9. User Interface (UI) Design

Even budding tech companies need graphic designers, so check out UI Design positions. Interface designers work on websites, computers, smartphones, applications, and software to make sure they are user-friendly. If there are any issues, they communicate it to the programmers and suggest how to correct it. Unleash your creative side and focus on the visual aspects of a company that connects them to the public.

10. User Experience (UX)

Check out User Experience positions if you can empathize with people, understand their experiences, and love the functionality behind a website. Think "UI Design" with a big picture application, focusing on the entire user experience of a website. 

You get to help decide which features and information are priorities for the consumers, so be sure to have some design insight as well.

11. Interaction Design (IxD)

Interaction Design is non-technical and focuses on the human side of the computer interaction. These people research questions surrounding user experiences with technology, including how they change over time and what types of systems will best express these trends. 

If you are a designer who is skilled at looking at the bigger picture, check out Interaction Design for a startup company.

12. Content Strategy

Content strategists make sure that a company stays on message and is cohesive across different platforms. If you’re a writer, this position will suit you well. Oftentimes this position requires creating content like blog posts, videos, infographics, and more to keep messaging consistent.

13. Web Analyst

Web Analysts hone in on data to figure out if a company’s website is successful. They look at all aspects of viewership: off-site and on-site analytics to figure this out.

Be prepared to spend your days crunching numbers to answer questions related to social media mentions, site visitations, and how long people stayed on the website.

14. Support Team

If you want to get your foot in the door of a startup to figure out if it’s right for you, the support team is a great place to start. A dedicated support team can make or break a company since it’s the go-to place for people who need help with the product. It may take some patience on your end, but can be rewarding with enough hard work.

15. Business Development

Closely related to sales, people in business development aim to form partnerships with other organizations that will help grow their company.

If you are a people person who can close a deal, check out these positions. Coming in at a startup level is a great opportunity for growth as well!

16. Recruiter

If you’re natural at networking and gaining tactical relationships, look to recruiting for your career. Most startups will hire an in-house recruiter to keep expanding as a company.

If you're looking to join the tech industry, start connecting with technical people as you apply for these positions.

17. Digital Humanities

If you're skilled in researching and writing, look to Digital Humanities positions on Localwise. At the cross section of computing and humanities, there is a wide range of job opportunities from online curating to analyzing cultural data.

18. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are the backbone of any industry. They handle the daily tasks of a workplace that make everyone else’s lives easier. If you are highly organized, can multitask with ease, and want to work in a startup company, this is a great place to start.

19. Executive Assistant

After gaining a couple years of administrative assistant experience, consider working as an executive assistant. They work closely with the leaders of a company and ensure that their day-to-day runs smoothly. This is a great position if you are highly organized and enjoy working behind the scenes.

20. Operations Team

If you’re interested in how things are built and come together to make a product, you should join the operations team! They work to secure a clear supply chain for every part and manage the work it takes to bring together the end product. Just be sure you are highly organized and self-motivated to complete projects on time.

21. Corporate Development

If you want to be part of a larger company during its growing period, check out corporate development. These people work alongside HR to hire a large number of staff members in a short amount of time. If you can handle fast-paced and stressful environments with ease, this is the position for you.

22. Information Science

This is a larger field that encompasses many different positions but is an important part of any company. This role focuses on retrieval, analysis, analytics, search engine optimization, and anything related to the movement of information. 

If you love organization and have experience in working with large databases, check out these positions.

23. Project Management

If you want to take your leadership skills to the next level, look for a project management position at a startup company. This position is definitely not tech-focused, but is crucial to the success of the industry.

Expect to be assigning tasks, following up with team members, balancing workloads, and ensuring that all team members have what they need to complete a project in a timely manner.

24. Research

Many startups will hire a temporary research team to educate the team on marketplace trends as their business starts to come together. If you love analyzing data and looking for trends within different markets, this is a great position for you!

25. Cyber Security Teams

If obtaining a law degree is in your future, consider joining the cyber security at a tech company. Working cyber security gives you the chance to get to know the business side of a startup alongside the security issues that accompany it.

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