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If you have a passion for animals, there’s a job for you. Instead of paying to take care of your own pet, make money by helping other people’s pets or wild animals! These 21 jobs working with animals will help you get your wildlife fix and earn you money at the same time.

1. Pet Sitter

What they do: Take care of other people’s pets for a few hours, a few days, or longer. It’s like a babysitter, but for people’s animal creatures. Sometimes they’ll sit at the owner’s house, sometimes they’ll host a pet at their own.

What they earn: $32,000 per year

2. Laboratory Animal Caretakers

What they do: Look after animals in laboratories where research is happening under the care of scientists or veterinarians.

What they earn: $24,360 per year. 

3. Guide Dog Trainer

What they do: Help train seeing-eye dogs that will assist the visually impaired. You’ll need training and certification before you’re allowed to train dogs. 

This is a great job for those who want to make positive change for others who need assistance.

What they earn: $49,573 per year.

4. Veterinary Technologist and Technician

What they do: Assist veterinarians in laboratories, animal hospitals, and clinics. They help administer tests to help diagnose sick animals. They have to complete a postsecondary program in veterinary technology, unlike veterinarian assistants which only need a high school diploma.

What they earn: $31,800 per year

5. Dog Walker

What they do: Walk people’s dogs, often during the day when the owners are at work or evenings or weekends when owners are away from home.

What they earn: $34,000 per year

6. Pet Store Employee

What they do: Assist customers in purchasing anything their pet needs, from food to collars to cat litter. Some pet stores also sell pets to customers.

What they earn: $21,260 per year

7. Veterinarian Assistant

What they do: Assistants work under veterinarians and veterinary technologists and do tasks that don’t require certification. These routine tasks include holding animals or restraining them while the veterinarian is performing a medical procedure. Unlike a veterinary technologist, this job doesn’t require certification beyond a high school diploma.

What they earn: $24,360 per year 

8. Park Naturalist

What they do: Teach others about their specialty in the outdoors and what they have learned about the land. They might do this through teaching, writing books or going out into the field.

What they earn: $40,587 per year

9. Zookeeper

What they do: Take care of the animals at the zoo and monitor their health. They also ensure their living and roaming are maintained while providing education to visitors. They may also be involved in traveling educational programs.

What they earn: $31,239 per year

10. Marine Biologist

What they do: Study sea creatures and how they interact with the world. They might work in an aquarium or be out in the ocean on a boat or SCUBA diving to study underwater animals.

What they earn: $59,680 per year

11. Animal Trainer

What they do: Help train animals, often with an owner who is struggling to fix the behavior of their pet. Animal trainers may also train animals to do tricks for movies or performances.

What they earn: $21,260 per year

12. Pet Groomer

What they do: Pet groomers clean and brush animals to better their appearances. A lot of pets go to the groomer for haircuts. Groomers may also style animals for competitions.

What they earn: $21,260 per year

13. Animal-Assisted Therapist

What they do: Help treat people recovering from an injury or suffering from a disability or illness with animal therapy. Animals can be used both as comfort and motivation for patients.

What they earn: $80,150 per year

14. Conservation and Forest Technicians

What they do: Protect forests and the animals in that habitat. They do the hands-on work such as taking care of plants and fighting fires that threaten the forest.

What they earn: $26,190 per year

15. Animal Caretaker

What they do: Care for animals by feeding, interaction, exercise, washing, and grooming. This can take place on farms, in aquariums, zoos, kennels, pet stores, shelters, stables, or anywhere else where animals reside.

What they earn: $21,260 per year

16. Pet Photographer

What they do: Take photos of pets. Sometimes the photos are with the pet’s owners, and sometimes the portraits are just of the animal(s) alone.

What they earn: $41,885 per year

17. Animal Control

What they do: Look into any instances of mistreatment of animals and rescue animals accordingly. These reports may be about animals that are found without an owner—either through abandonment, abuse, or getting lost—and need assistance finding a home.

If an animal escapes and is considered dangerous, animal control will help handle the situation.

What they earn: $32,560 per year

18. Pet Blogger

What they do: Write about pet care, pet trends, pet products, and anything else related to pet wellness.

What they earn: $45,781 per year

19. Pet Adoption Counselor

What they do: Match pets with compatible owners. Often these pets are shelter animals with special needs and the adoption counselor ensures the future owner can meet those needs.

What they earn: $21,310 per year

20. Animal Breeder

What they do: Breed animals that have characteristics that are most desirable. These can be farm animals, such as chickens that lay the most eggs. Or breeders such as dog breeders can breed dogs that are best for competition, such as purebreds, or just types that are popular, like Labradoodles. Breeders must have knowledge of genetics.

What they earn: $40,000 per year

21. Wildlife Rehabilitator

What they do: Help heal sick and injured animals back into the wild. Rehabilitators may give animals first aid and therapy. 

It’s important that people in this field are well versed in the needs and background of many animals that they come in contact with, so research is also a big part of this role. They must be trained in the proper care and rescue of specific animals before going into the field.

What they earn: $21,010 per year

A love of animals is a great way to narrow down your job options. There are many choices in the animal-based career world, from interacting directly with animals to healing them to studying them. Best of all, turn these jobs into a long-term career, all while interacting with members of the animal kingdom.

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