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In college, you learn more than just intellectual knowledge. You gain an understanding of which skills are desirable by potential employers and which ones are necessary for your personal life, too. Whether you’re busy with classes, have another job, or even have some time to spare, it is important to consider three things when looking for a night job:

  • Schedule — Does the job fit with your class schedule?

  • Time Management — Will you really be able to handle this job, do your homework, and sleep?

  • Commute — If you’re going to fit an evening or night job into your schedule, will you be able to get there easily?

With these three in mind, check out these 18 evening and night jobs that are absolutely perfect for college students—they'll get you some extra cash while still maintaining that work/school/life balance which matters most.

Evening Jobs

1. Host/Busser/Server

When you first walk into a restaurant, you are one of the first people guests see! Ability to quickly learn, adapt, and cooperate effectively are key. Friendly conversations and working as a team are key for the food industry.

2. Delivery Driver

Instead of sitting at a desk all day, why not be mobile and become a delivery driver. You are responsible for picks up, transports and drops off of various packages and shipments within a specific region. Time management is key when there are multiple deliveries.

3. Data Entry Clerk

As a data entry clerk, you're responsible for ensuring company documents are entered into the computer system accurately, quickly, and efficiently.

4. Parking/Valet Attendant

If you like to be behind the wheel often, then being a parking/valet attendant is perfect! Attendants are responsible for driving vehicles to a specific spot in valet parking lot, securing and noting the space the vehicle is parked on valet tag, and returning the tag/keys to valet key booth.

5. Baker

La Note’s lead baker, Amber Graham, stated in a recent interview, “She prioritizes her own tasks to accomplish during a shift and can stay an extra hour or leave early, depending on what needs to get done.”

Bakers are responsible for producing a variety of baked goods, checking products for quality, identifying damaged/expired goods and evaluating the quality of prepared foods.

6. Customer Service Associate

Customer service associates are a great starter job. Dependability, cooperation, and friendliness are important traits to exhibit in this work environment. Associates are responsible for interacting with customers in order to provide answers to inquiries involving a company's products or services.

7. Babysitter

Let out your inner child! Trust, patience, attentiveness, and reliability are essential for the role. Parents of young children look for babysitters in order to provide care to children on their behalf when they are away.

8. Movie Theater Attendant

Interact with families and groups in this friendly and exciting space. The Movie Theater Attendant must ensure a great experience for guests in order for them to come back for another feature. Working cooperatively, and possessing an ability to adapt quickly and handle food in a busy environment are some tasks attendants will be responsible for.

Nighttime Jobs

9. Bartender/Bar Back

Having a game plan is important when behind the bar believe it or not. The bartender is responsible for taking beverage orders from serving staff or directly from guests in a timely manner. You will mix ingredients such as liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters in order to prepare a variety of drinks for the night.

10. Freelance Writer

Let your creative side shine through! Freelance writers produce various forms of writing such as novels, short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays essays, reports and news articles. They must have a strong understanding of grammar, punctuation, and writing.

11. Dorm Receptionist/Security Monitor

Want a job close to campus and home? Look into becoming a dorm receptionist. receptionists perform clerical duties of typing, answering phone calls, and updating information at the front desk.

12. Driver/Carshare

Do you want to be an Uber, Lyft, or Zipcar Driver? Whichever one you prefer, drivers are responsible for transporting people and objects around in cars to specified locations in a timely manner. Friendly greetings, patience, and reliability are key to have while behind the wheel.

13. Tutor

What better way to help out than in education. By becoming a tutor, you will help assist students by meeting with them on a regular basis to clarify problems and work on developing new study habits with them. Patience, persistence, and practice are essential.

14. Residence Advisor

Mediating, guiding, and listening are important qualities to have. A resident advisor is responsible for facilitating an environment within the residence hall that contributes to the overall intellectual, social, physical, moral, and cultural development of the students.

15. Custodian

Simple yet highly important, the custodian is responsible for ensuring all trash is picked up, floors are swept and mopped, and ensuring building maintenance. Attention to detail, great time management, and self-efficiency are important skills that will be used for the position.

16. Stocker

Stocking stuffers? Not exactly. But stockers do play a key role in companies where shipping and handling are essential to the business’s needs. Stockers are responsible for receiving merchandise, unloading or unpacking it, marking it with codes to be identified, stocking shelves, and helping customers place orders.

17. Freelance Designer

Do you love creating unique pieces and want to showcase your creative skills? Look into becoming a Freelance Designer. Just like a freelance writer mentioned earlier, you can create your own designs for a variety of companies or projects. Diligence, confidence, and time management are important to have when working with different clients.

18. Night School Assistant Teacher

If the mornings don’t work best, why not become a night school assistant teacher? The assistant teacher helps to reinforce lessons presented by teachers by reviewing material with students one-on-one or in small groups.

While you may be busy during the day, there are an array of job opportunities that can fit perfectly with your schedule! The key thing to remember is when applying to jobs, make sure you are aware of your own school, work, or personal schedule and plan accordingly. With time management and effective planning, you can definitely have a great schedule!

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