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Originally from San Ramon, Brittany Redding moved to Oakland 3 years ago in pursuit of a degree at SF State. As an English major not quite sure of her path into a marketing career, she turned to Localwise in search of local, commute-free work experience. Lucky for her, a job in her neighborhood waiting right around the corner.

What is your role at Viscera?

I do a bit of marketing and merchandising—more heavy on the marketing, less on the merchandising side—at Viscera, a boutique in downtown Oakland. My main focus right now is building a press kit. Now that I'm back in school, I'm able to balance that and my internship that's once a week, which makes it nice.

And living in Oakland doesn't hurt! I used to work in SF and that’s a different commute than just walking.

Why seek an internship?

I've always wanted to do marketing. I'm majoring in English and I was trying to figure out how I could transition without choosing an entirely different major. The best answer to that was finding an internship

What are your career goals?

I thought I was going to teach—which is nothing like marketing—but that’s something I would do for a year or two just to get out there and travel while I can before I get settled. Long-term, though, I definitely would like to be at a fashion company doing marketing.

How will your internship at Viscera help further those goals?

Before I even applied to college, I wanted to major in something fashion-related, but I was nervous because I didn’t know what kind of jobs were out there.

Being in an internship has exposed me to the fact that there are a ton of different jobs in the fashion industry; it’s not a narrow field. Everyone thinks “fashion” and they think fashion designer or photography, but there’s so much more than that. 

There's this idea that fashion marketing is all glitz and glamor, but it is a lot of hard, behind-the-scenes work. Seeing that now lets me know what I want to do, what kind of outlet I want to pursue. Do I want to merchandising? More marketing? Look into buying?

I got a taste of different areas of the industry so I can see what it is that I want to hone in on. That's my biggest takeaway from any internship really. This experience is something I'll definitely carry into my career—and beyond.

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