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Sommelier & Sales Associate at Bay Grape

Molly Sherman

“I really liked Localwise’s philosophy on getting a job in your neighborhood and supporting your community. Localwise is easy to use, the layout is clean, and the site is easy to navigate.”

Quantitative Research at Resource Development Associates

Christopher Ndubuizu

“Localwise is an amazing resource and it constantly informs me of available opportunities. Localwise helped me narrow my search so I wouldn’t get bogged down with jobs that didn’t cater to my interests.”

Marketing and Merchandising at Viscera

Karis Dodd

“Localwise is a really great place to find a job. The companies who list on Localwise are local businesses who are passionate, welcoming, and treat their employees with respect. Localwise helped connect me with my current employer, and I’ve seen it really help my friends with their job searches as well.”

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